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Then and now, and where we're going · 5:13am Jan 21st, 2013

While This Great Divide was canceled, I am trying to get back into it. Sadly, my enthusiasm for the pony fandom is not nearly as great as it was a year and a half ago when I first got into the mood to write fanfiction. I am simply not that actively involved, and these days I don't consider myself emotionally invested enough to call myself a brony.

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Comment posted by The Psychopath deleted Jan 21st, 2013

I wish you would keep up the work you've done so that others can see a vague outline of the ideas you are coming up with in your head. What I come up with has a high probability of being completely wrong with what you publish, but seeing that you're capable is a reason for me to come back and read what you'll eventually publish.

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