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2346340 He's totally playing Clicker games and shit on Steam
I'll pester him tomorrow since he hasn't logged on here in just about 2 weeks to see your comment ;D

Any hope you you continuing your stories soon?

Comment posted by Stupid_man455 deleted Oct 23rd, 2015

1698836 I'm happy I could help dude :D Glad you're doing okay now.

There is something I never truly thanked you for and I feel like I should do it now... it's a bit late but I feel this needs to be said.

A long time ago I was in a real bad spot, I had just started writing a bit before it happened and I wasn't that popular. I'm not completely sure exactly of the events that happened during this time because I was unconscious for most of it... but I HAD seen what you had done, and I still remember to this day what it had done to me.

I have just been trying... for a long time... on how to word it...

When I was on very thin ice, I was told my brother documented everything that was going on, and placed them on this site. He also told me he got a hold of you... where then you made this.

I'm not sure if you quite understand just how much this meant to me. You were my inspiration to write, and to see you had even put out a blog to help spread the word... it meant the world to me. After that things just continued into the unknown... I jumping between stable and critical. But while I was awake and I managed to get on the site... what I saw made me just stare in shock.

I had found that people made art, blogs, and I even gained around SIXTY more followers over the course of two days with over 200 "Get well soon" PM's! The amount of support I was getting was so alien to me.

So before I continue rambling I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what you did. Seeing all of this back then is what gave me hope to keep fighting and not give up. I know it may sound kind of childish and cheesy but just know that it's true. I was ready to just give up. I just wanted the pain to go away.

So with that said... I hope you can forgive me for this very very overdue thank you.

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52 is done · 3:40am June 27th

Just gotta wait for mah editor to read through it.

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