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Everypony tries to cope as the laughter is suddenly torn out of their lives.

'Pretty in Pink' on EquestriaDaily
Dramatic reading by Azekahh

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I'm feeling melancholy.

Beautiful story, it remind you to do not take thing for granted.:fluttercry:

Wow that was a emotional trip to me
Very good Job

This, as Hawkeye Pierce would say, is finest kind; it's also the antidote to the whole Cupcakes meme. That being said, when can we expect to see it on Equestria Daily.

Sad...but it taught a lesson. :pinkiesmile:

I-I... I've never been so deeply moved by a story. As it started out, I didn't really feel much of anything except a little, almost unnoticeable tightening in my chest. As the story went on it turned into a feeling of dread, then a couple light sniffles here and there, followed by full on sobs.

Then came the mid-point, at which I felt a little sprinkle of hope. In the end though I don't think I've ever cried, in both happiness and sadness, quite as hard as this.

You... You've earned my respect. :twilightsmile:

Well done, that is all I can say, well done.

Bloody well done indeed.

Wow! I didn't expect this to evoke such a positive response so quickly! I guess it's true what they say about writing with sincerity. Seriously, within less than 24 hours of posting it having 8 comments, 2 favs and a solid 5.0 rating from 8 people? Wow! And to think I almost didn't send this!

And I just sent it to Seth a few hours ago. Hopefully I'll be getting some pre-reader comments on it pretty soon. It'd be nice to get this on EqDaily. :)

Ah, damnit. I said I wasn't gonna tear up over this one.

And then I got to the end. ;_;

I was not expecting to tear up. Didn't cry, but teared up. This was exceptionally well done. I give my kudos to you, sir/ madam. It's been an honor reading that. You have a great natural poetic ability. Next time, try something a little happy. :fluttercry:

3173 My other story, "Unfair Shipping" is a comedy (sort of). I put that one on hold to do this because I'd had these feelings floating around for a while and I thought if I wrote a fanfic about them, I might work out my writer's block and get things going again. :)

Masterpieces like this are why i dont read Tragedies.:pinkiesad2:

Listen to The Flaming Lips song "Do You Realize??" during this. The song is the exact idea of don't take things for granted, and that life is fantastic. It + this brings tears to my eyes. Fantastic story bud. Gorgeous.

3192 Love the Flaming Lips, but I didn't even notice that influence had worked it's way in there until you mentioned it. Which is weird, because in the middle of writing this I went to go see their concert at Somerset.

You know i would love to rate this.
but alas i dont know how to rate <_<
I give it 5 star rating

Oh my god. That was seriously amazing.

It would be the crime of crimes if this didn't make it onto Equestria Daily. A lot more people need to read this, and see your reasoning for writing it. That's what led me to read it in the first place.

Now you need to write something that's far more happier, just to balance things out. ;) Perhaps something Pinkie-centric. I'll look forward to reading it.

You had me until precognition came in...then you had me again...and then you lost me again.

I want to like this story a lot more than I do, but with the whole Twilight guilt-tripping herself and then having that guilt apparently justified so oddly...I dunno. It almost feels like you're guilting the audience via Twilight at times and it feels more soapbox than fic when that happens.

Maybe I'm just peeved at Pinkie dying anyways...maybe if the ending was more ambiguous and this was more focused on valuing things that are transitory and fleeting I'd appreciate this more...

The downer ending just feels so...defeating.

hmm...I happen to be writing an "anti-Cupcakes" fic of sorts myself.

I went a different route, pitting Pinkie against Cupcakes Pinkie (although it seems that Silent Ponyville beat me to it the same as well as Crisis: Equestria is going to capitalize on that idea, at least according to the cover art it will in future chapters.)

I must say that the concept of Pinkie's disappearance affecting ponies presented in this story intrigued me, and has inspired a certain exchange between the real Rainbow Dash and "Dark" Pinkie I would like to use in my upcoming chapter....if that's okay with you.

Actually...this story is like "Rocket to Insanity" but in Reverse! And it just so happens that Rocket Rainbow is present for this freaky party as well.

You better make a sequel buddy.....

Cupcakes 2 is out.......


Sorry,just woke up at the time didn't know what I was writing.

Still....Cupcakes 2.....


Wow, that story took all the words away from my mouth.
It's just simply amazing, in any and every way.

Hoover Dam! I loved it! The part where she was dreaming, and then the dream was a vision, and HOT DAM THAT WAS GREAT!


This story is beautiful. That is something everyone can agree on.

3194 Ah! I'm jelly. I wish i could see them live...they aren't coming round my location though. But yeah, i was sitting reading the story, and with that song it was just....Woah..heavy. Love it.

That was AWESOME! I knew it was a precognition dream (but for a few seconds I thought that Redheart was Celestia in disguise) and I figured what would happen but I still cheered with 'Winter came and passed'. I was tearing up like the others.

What a GREAT story! :D

The first time I read it I couldn't help but break down crying. I've had a few days to mull it over, and to be honest I didn't think it'd effect my like that a second time around. Even with this little bit of time to think about it, I still found myself tearing up a little bit.

I didn't cry... but only just barely. It really is a masterpiece and reflects your love and respect of the character.

Even though I saw it coming, the dream still scared me.
To all those who say the ending is a "downer," it's not! Sure, Pinkie dies, but she's ready to die, and that's why it's a happy ending. Everypony dies, but there are sad deaths and happy deaths. Pinkie Pie died happy.

A beautiful story Pinkie's will is stronger than anyone could imagine.

And that's where I could not disagree more... there are no happy deaths. None. At best you can have a bittersweet death/end, which is how I read this. A gone Pinkie leaves an unhappy void, no matter how you look at it... but then again, this story wasn't really so much about Pinkie, anyways. This was Twilight's story.

Still think it was largely well written, though, so don't mistake me on that.

3411 I do have to agree with you there about "happy deaths."

Its actually why Watership Down's ending was unsatisfactory. I mean, supposedly this was a happy ending because even though the story was basically about bunnies dying. Here's the protagonist dying of old age (or possibly some preventable disease that rabbits can't treat). Old age, rather than death by eagle, train, car, rapid dog, gunshot, war with other rabbits, or putty tat.

That's not really a happy ending. That's more like "your scraped knee (and been subject to all the nightmare fuel of the story of Watership Down) will heal in time, but hey. At least you don't have cancer. Aren't you happy you don't have cancer? Isn't it exciting that you are cancer free? Isn't it the best thing that ever happened to you and ever will happen to you that you do not, at the moment, have cancer?"

(Sorry, I always wig out over Watership Down.)

There is one other thing that bothers me. Twilight should've found out for certain. If the dream was true, then Nurse Redheart would likely know. Or at least Pinkie would betray symptoms. What she does with the knowledge afterwards is up to Twilight, but...

It could end up shortening Twilight's lifespan to have unanswerable worries about whether or not she is "Killing" Pinkie Pie at any given second. I mean, Twilight may have been right about Pinkie not being truly happy if she's doing it to make Twilight feel relieved but....

It goes the other way around. And its a thin line between the two helping each other and hurting each other. And...I kind of think the long term benefits of Pinkie being honest with her friends should at least be explored.

I still love the story.

:pinkiesad2: *bawls eyes out and collapses*

Wow, almost cried, almost.
This is so great, it really made me feel a sense of bitter sweet: sure, Pinkie died, but Twilight got to make her days the best thing they could be. :heart: good job. :fluttercry:

Having Depression, I was expecting this story To have a very adverse effect on me.

Instead, I just gave the story a simple nod. It was Very good and the Lesson is Great.

Although the only Thing i got from this was a slight weight in my chest, it still came across as heart felt and very good.

think Twilight here had it pretty bad in that dream from one death than some people have had combined due to their close relationship. Guess that is why Twinkie is my Favorite shipping Pair...
:pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

It was short, but that added to its effect, 2000 words of sad That deserve more attention than they are actually receiving.

I tip my metaphorical hat to you Sir/Madam

Wish I had Friends to apply this lesson to...


I was thinking of the perfect song for this, and "you are my sunshine" seems to go so well. I'd have loved to see a scene where her friends sing that song to her when she finally can't fight her disease anymore.

Damnit...now I'll never be able to look at the show the same way again.

Knock knock knockin on heaven's door....:raritycry:

It felt like you skipped around a lot. From the coping with thing to Twilight trying to keep Pinkie alive. I suppose that is the only way you could have pulled this off, but it was kind of awkward how you just did a 180 like that.

Nonetheless, It was a pretty damn good story and my heart sank at those last lines.:fluttercry:

And now I have http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHHVcfUNwew&ob=av3n stuck in my head. Thank you.

Lovely story. I'll agree with others that it was a little awkward at times, but you trolled the hell out of me. I came here expecting to be mad at another Grimdark story, and came out smiling at a very sweet tale.

Pinkie only lives for 15 years after this?:pinkiesad2:

This is a masterpiece. I almost expected Twilight to tell everypony the true story at the end, but alas, did not. an amazingly well-written and heart felt piece of literature that is pure awesome. I feel like Pinkie's REAL death deserved a little more attention to it.

Wow. Oh wow, the last paragraph got me good. Wow, what a great fanfic. It's sad but also has a great point. That's not to take anything for granted. :fluttercry:

:applecry::pinkiesad2::fluttercry: Stories about Pinkie Pie dying like this are always so sad. All the cheer she brings to everyone, only for it to be torn away to never be enjoyed again.

Very touching... it got to the point I couldn't make out the words through the tears. :twilightoops:


That was sad
It would break my heart if Pinkie Pie was dying like that:pinkiesad2:

I shed manly tears......

Aww, who am I kidding? I cried like a little bitch. :fluttercry:
That was very well done.


Two best friends for life

3530 Damn, now the comments are starting to make ME cry... it's resonating...

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