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Soooo, That Finale...huh · 4:11am Oct 13th, 2019

Heeeey, everyone. Been awhile.

So shit's been going on in life. Not only did I get laid off from my job, but having to deal with the death of my ACTUAL father due to, oddly enough, alcohol about 3 months ago. Cruel joke, yea.

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A quick apology · 2:13am Nov 6th, 2018

I just want to apologize to all the readers. I really wish I had a better reason as for why the chapter isn't done yet. Unfortunately, the, "I've been busy with work and video games" excuse isn't really all that decent.

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52 is done · 3:40am Jun 27th, 2018

Just gotta wait for mah editor to read through it.

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Chapter 52 (spoilers) · 3:00am Jun 20th, 2018

Is almost finished. Got over 10k words so far. Just a bit more to go, and assuming I actually find time between work and playing copious amounts of vidya games, it should hopefully be finished in the next couple of days.

Key word is hopefully.

So to tide you all over, here's a bit from the chapter.

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A Small PSA · 8:00pm Jun 5th, 2018

Just a little something, something.

If you want to give me an idea to put in the story, feel free to do so. Just shoot me a PM.

But PLEASE don't keep trying to push the idea if I say no. Please do not do this.

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OC voices in my head · 3:10am May 7th, 2018

In case any of you have ever wondered what the many OC's in my story sound like, I got a list of some of the more prominent, still alive, ones with the voices I imagine when reading their lines.

AJ would obviously sound like me.

Fresh Start would sound like Woody Harrelson. Idea was given to me after seeing a comment saying Fresh Start reminded them of Woody Harrelson.

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Chapter 51 should be finished soon · 11:42pm May 1st, 2018

Most likely either tomorrow or Thursday. Just need a bit of help from my editor with a certain part.

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Maybe I should have made that promise. (chapter 51 spoilers) · 2:23am Apr 23rd, 2018

This is what I've written so far today. It's not too much, only going on 879 words (on top if the 545 I had before the hiatus of death), but I gotta say. It feels good to be doing this again. It really does. I'm so, soooooo sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long.

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I'm really sorry CBE, but I have to do this. · 3:12am Apr 21st, 2018

After re-reading the story, and getting to the part with Fine Tuned, there was only one voice i found myself being able to read his lines in. No matter how hard I tried, I COULD NOT get past his lines without hearing them in this voice.

That voice? Gomer Pyle.

After hearing this voice, I DARE you not to read Fine Tuned's lines in that voice.

I'm sorry CBE. I really am.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeey... · 11:20pm Apr 17th, 2018

How's it going guys. Long time no...type.

Bet most of you probably thought you'd never hear from me again. And honestly I wouldn't blame you. It's been years since I've really done anything on this site.

But hopefully that's going to change soon. I can't make any promises, but lately I've started regaining interest in the story. Over the last week or so, I've been going back and re-reading 'The Mystery of a New World' to reintroduce myself to everything.

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