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okay maybe not · 4:03am Jun 11th, 2016

2 months later, and only a page and a half written.

Yeeaahh, I don't think a second chapter for Ember is happening anytime soon. Not really feeling any kind of motivation to write it.

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Comment posted by Twilight is the BEST deleted May 13th, 2016

Whoops, forgot to mention something: you're the featured author for the Writer Showcase on Family Jewels! Hopefully being featured on the front page of a small FiMFiction group about dangly bits inspires you to write some more (truely amazing) stories! Past that, hope all is good with you!

Love the Fluttershy stories! Nopony seems more innocent than the shy ones

swelling with pride was featured!

Stopped taking requests a long time ago.

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