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(Doubt anyone's gonna read this, but....) I need help trying to find a fic I've read on here before. :/ · 4:30pm Apr 14th, 2014

I forget the title, but I remember several bits of the story. I know it was set in a school, which had the characters as either anthro or human, and I believe it was 2nd person. The main character was male and was roommates with rainbow dash. Rainbow dash's father ran the school. I've tried searching this way and that for it, but I fear it may have been deleted by the user that put it up or something. :/ Please help. :(

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Thanks for the fave! :moustache:

Oh wow! And now thank you so much for the Watch! I greatly appreciate it, and will keep trying to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

Hello again! Thanks so much for the Fave of Certain Advantages! I'm very grateful for it!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for watching! :pinkiehappy:

Glad you have enjoyed Impressions enough to give it a favorite, its just starting to get warmed up for the real fun.

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