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  • 296 weeks
    Some kind of update

    Thought I'd provide a bit of an update, if anyone even cares anymore. Despite the tepid response to my latest story, I'm going to move forward and try to get more stuff done; shorter stories that won't take as long to write.

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  • 306 weeks
    Obligatory Bronycon Post

    Surprise surprise, I'll be at Bronycon this year. Friday and Saturday. And maybe a little in the morning on Sunday, because my flight back home is late in the afternoon.

    Cosplaying as Hoity, per usual. Perhaps there will be another this year, for once.

    0 comments · 295 views
  • 350 weeks
    My Little Monster High 2: The Search for More Money

    With EQG2 being leaked onto YouTube, I was able to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    Overall, it was somewhat better than the first, but still pretty bad. What I liked and didn't can be summed up with a bunch of bullet points:

    -Story seems to have a good bit more thought put into it, less story-breaking flaws

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    3 comments · 589 views
  • 358 weeks
    Obligatory Bronycon 2014 Summary

    While I'm not exactly back home yet (still at the hotel actually, waiting to check out), I figured I'd write a little summary of my mostly-lovely Bronycon 2014 experience. Despite bouts of nausea, I found it to be overall enjoyable!

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it's happening (for real this time) · 3:35am Apr 18th, 2016

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As long as we who defend it still draw breath, the HMS Sparity will ne'er be sunk!:moustache::raritywink:
That aside, I look forward to reading this!:pinkiehappy:

there we go, that works

Oh come on don't tell me you're apart of this too.

good, good~ , let the shipping flow through you...

I wait with excitement for your grand return!!!

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