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Clopshots Update · 11:15pm June 13th

Seeing as we're about to embark on a mini-hiatus, I'm going to go ahead and push the Clopshot for Episode 10 (A Royal Problem) back to the weekend. This will give me time to make it longer than usual, and I'll see about merging some of the ideas from the poll (like a few people asked) to make it one big, happy, princess-ly clop-fest!

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Do you take requests? I have some ideas that I think you might like!

Are you going to carry on the 24 hour writing challenges into season 7? As you've not mentioned them so far I guess not but you might be surprising us.

Really enjoyed the clopshots you did for season 6. Are you going to be doing them for seasons 1-5? If not, would you be okay with me doing them?

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Hey, is CAD2 gonna come out anytime soon?

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