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New Entry to Vinyl and Octavia's Clop Box · 5:14am January 3rd

New chapter to Vinyl and Octavia's Clop Box, named Isolation Protocols.

Born of a brief inspiration that I turned into a couple of hundred words of fetishy fic. Check it out if you've got a thing for bondage, especially the permanent (or very long term) kind.

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Glad you enjoy that part -- it'll certainly play a big role in the rest of the story. I don't know how far you are into it thus far, but adding more layers of worldbuilding is something I enjoy a lot, so expect more to come!

Will do. I just got distracted this time and forgot I hadn't.

All right.

Next time I send an idea, whenever that is, just let me know you got it.
Not getting a response makes me think the person I sent the PM to just didn't get it

Yes, I did. Sorry, I was busy working on other stuff today. I will probably write it at some point, but I'm note sure when that'll be.

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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