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Featured Box Yay! · 7:43pm Feb 2nd, 2020

Wow! Thanks to all the wonderful people of FimFiction, "Twilight Sparkle Has a Type" ended up on the Featured Box shortly after publishing it. Between the views, comments, and the feature, I'm blown away by the support. Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed this short little slice-of-life story. I honestly hadn't expected it to be so well-received. And, this morning 8 hours later, it's still there and going strong!

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Report errant · 172 views · Story: Twilight Sparkle Has a Type ·

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January 2020

Twilight Sparkle Has a Type - Slice of Life
Twilight Sparkle is a successful mare - it's hard to do better than a pair of alicorn wings and a crown! Which leads her to wonder - why is she still single?

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I have suggestions for bands that can be ponified

You're welcome!

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

My writing progress has basically been nonexistant recently due to . . . everything . . . but I'll certainly listen to your suggestion. Maybe It'll give me the impetus to accomplish something.

Are you possibly open for more story ideas?

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