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So I Bought a New PC... · 8:09pm Dec 21st, 2020

So I bought a new PC back in early November when HP started sales for Black Friday. (HP Pavilion Desktop if anyone was curious) I was getting it because my old Desktop (HP Envy I think) was shutting off randomly. Not good when you have ZOOM calls for college and proctoring extensions that monitor your PC during tests.

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wow. you're cool

Sure, I don't have a problem with it! Good luck on finding another player. I've been there when there's not enough players.

Also, you might wanna try putting out a post on Reddit. I think there's a couple forums there where people put out LFP posts.

Hey, Can I post a LFP on your MLP/D&D story for a MLP Tabletop campaign? I'm DMing my first game in a week and I'm a little light on players due to one dropping out.

Ah, excellent. Nico's a pretty good choice for watching Danganronpa on Youtube. :twilightsmile:

I think I will! I'm a huge fan of Danganronpa ever since I watched Nico B (YouTuber) play it.

  • Viewing 50 - 54 of 54
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