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With Tirek defeated, peace returned, and an ugly castle now overlooking what was once a small town, everything seems to have calmed down as Equestria starts to recover from the damage. This including Twilight, who has finally come to terms as the 'Princess of Friendship.'

Seeing as she's now no longer a student, she decides to stretch out her studies to learn new fields of magic. And with Discord just a magic phone call away, Twilight decides to start with Chaos Magic first. It raises some eyebrows with her friends, the princesses, and even Discord himself as well, but Twilight is sure of herself.

Only, when Twilight starts her lessons there's instantly a problem. One that may just be something as chaotic as Discord's own powers. But hey, that's Twilight for you! Always a star-student no matter who the teacher is!

There's only a week to fix everything and it seems that there's a whole class of ponies to round up now. It seems this is one of those "pass-fail" kind of tests.

The awesome cover art done by 2135D

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Comments ( 4 )

lots of promise

Well this just got interesting what could go wrong they said it'll be okay they said :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm...Interesting. Im going to need mor popcorn!

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