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A Brony that reads...But not as much as Twilight.


One day in the world of Pokémon, a mysterious aura pulse spreads across the skies of the Sinnoh Region. The professors have hypothesized that the aura pulse is a result of the legendries Dialga and Palkia, but what they haven't been able to figure out is just what has the aura pulse done.

That is, until someone finds themselves waking up to purple smoke dancing in his face.

With the help of the Professor and a certain young trainer from Hoenn, Spike decides to go into the world of Pokémon. To which he will go on an adventure in hopes to find some sign of the others. With a few new friends and a team of his own, will he pull it off?

(If you don't watch the show or even play the games that Pokémon is known for, don't worry. The story follows Spike's story a majority of the time. So even if you're new to how the show or game works then you'll be able to learn as Spike does.)

(Also, I'm not going to be revising this story all too much. I'll check for fixing grammar, punctuation and the such before posting them, but I'm not going to be too strict on much else. I just wanted to be the first to point it out.)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 150 )

Totodile is mine. Interesting to see another Pokemon story, hopefully this one will keep going. They always seem to die out and never finish.

I uh sorta feel a kinship with Mewtwo...due to personal reasons...

This story could almost be side story to my Pokémon story, interesting beginning.

Interesting start, can't wait to see where it goes. Favorite Pokemon would have to be Duskull, always was a sucker for ghost types.

6966172 Mewtwo's a favorite of mine too. Well, at least in one game he is...


6966124 Totadile's my favorite starter for Johto. Not to mention my second favorite starter of them all. First place is Torchic though. Sorry

I generally go for the water types, with the exception of Cyndaquil and Torchic, mostly due to favourite, but favourite Pokemon is my Starter from diamond, an Empoleon who got strong enough to solo the elite 4 and Cynthia

So Spike got misplaced and ended up on the Professor's roof, transformed on top of it. Interesting start and even more interesting to see where it goes.

Favourite pokemon would be the shinx line. I do like my feline pokemon. Even if most of them got the short end of the stick in the stats department.

6966379 Shinx was my first catch in Sinnoh. Glad to see I'm not the only one that liked him.

6966379 Considering 4th gens mod to the Atk and Sp. Atk system...Luxray turned out rather well...

6966302 If they take Spike as human, I take it his form changed? So I was wondering why there's no Human or Anthro Tag on this story.

6966420 Luxray was awesome. And a three stager! My party tends to be all three-stagers if I can manage it since I tend not to swap anyone out for my entire run of the game. Persian is pretty good too. Purrlion not so much... and Purugly was just plain ugly so always went Meowth over that line. Sorry, I'm vain like that XD

6966408 A cat and electric type. It was love at first sight. I spent so long trying to get a shinx for my pokemon Y team. Because dammit all I needed that perfect ball of fuzz, lightning and claw!

6966428 Well I thought that putting a crossover and alternate universe tag made the human tag a little redundant. If it causes enough problems down the road I'll fix it.

6966517 You don't need the AU tag unless somehow Spike's experiences in Pokemon will somehow feed back into Equestria and make drastic changes there.

6966545 Huh. Well that's something to know. Thank you. :scootangel:


with eevee as a close second and bayleaf as third.
4428, can I just call you zeak? NEway, nice story, I know that its gonna be a good one but I just cant wait untill you show the light. I mean, can anyone here name another authercwho hase a story with over 100000 words and 100 chapters?
Love the work, thanks for keeping it up, and you get a like and a star.

6967941 Well I guess you can call me Zeak, but that's not my name. It's Zeke. :rainbowlaugh:

And still, thanks for the reading my other stories. However, I plan on this one being a little different from my first story. So you might want to be ready for something new. Cause I know I need to be.

Hm... seems interesting. I will keep an eye on it and decide in the next few chapters.


6968069 so far so good. And sorry, I knew it was zeke but I forgot how to spell it.
and zeke, I truly have enjoyed your work sofar.

How's the next chapter coming along?

7016182 I'm trying to figure out just how to write it out completely. I have the outline of the chapter, it's just hard to put it together without the pacing being horrible. And by horrible, I mean worse than the pacing in my stories usually are. So far, it's almost done. You'll see why the chapter was difficult to write when it's up. :facehoof:

Good to see another chapter for this Story.
I'm looking forward to see Spike going on his own Pokemon Journey ;)

Is this other Trainer from Hoenn... Wally?

And my Favorite would be... Big Mac.


Regarding his Pokemon team:
As his Starter I would say Glumanda.
1) Red: Makuhita (?)
2) Silver: Honedge
3) Yellow: Haunter (?)
4) Orange: Bagon (?)
5) Blue: No idea...
6) Pink: Loudred

And with this chapter, you earned the right to be sorted in my Favorite shelf^^

7068497 Trainer is not Wally. Although did you know that it's possible for Wally to catch a shiny Ralts in the game? How messed up is that?!

hmmmmn, <thinks about the seemingly random question> there is only one reson u would be asking that...u intend to put one of those characters into the story with Spike in the next chapter, either in or near to Lumiose City. given that there is an extensive Berry farm on Route 7, a skate park/play area on Route 5, and the numerous fashion boutiques of Lumiose itself...

7068579 An interesting theory. Only, which character will you pick?

7068615 it is the only logical conclusion, and i am a creature of logic. as to the character, i have no actual preference, but for bet comedic value, i will select Sweetie,

My favorite character would have to be Sweetie Belle.

Spike's team going from left to right:

Could never guess his starter, perhaps a pokemon that uses fire

7068770 Well you're half right. His starter can and will use fire...Eventually...

7068707 Starts to chuckle

7068655 Well it will be funny. Just not in the way you suspect. And remember, in this story I'm taking both the anime and ALL the games as canon. All except the Mystery Dungeon series that is.

Very good story I look forward to reading more. Can't wait till Spike starts his Pokémon Journey I actually wonder if Spike will eventually leave Kalos to explore other region's. You also introduced other professors after all! And let's not forget at the end of the year a new Pokémon game comes out. So who knows, only you for sure.

For my favorite character I'll have to say Big Mac.:eeyup: But Sweetie Belle is a close second.:unsuresweetie: And if you are trying to find a long term traveling companion for Spike I think Sweetie Belle has more potential.

As for my guesses to Spike's Pokemon team:
For his Starter I am amusing you are going to choose one of the game starter Pokémon. So bassed on that and the last two chapters, I am going to guess my favorite starter Pokémon and say Charmander. ( I'm assuming he cannot use fire attacks yet bassed on a previous comment. )
1) Red: Makuhita
2) Silver: Honedge
3) Yellow: Haunter
4) Orange: Bagon
5) Blue: Mawile
6) Lavender: Loudred

And personally I hope Spike catches a Ralts, not only do they evolve into my favorite Pokemon it would most likely make a great addition to his team.


Sweetie belle.
shes, soooooo, CUTE!

7068655 What is a creature of logic doing on a site with stories about talking, flying, magic using ponies that were meant for little girls that make crossovers with so far every other known anime/mange/serie/movie/etc.? :applejackconfused:

Mirror B was my favorite villain in the colosseum games! Just wish they would bring him into the anime! He would be better then the TRio!

To answer the question...Hoenn is my favorite region.

Also...Miror B is THE guy

Well since you're including side-games apparently, I'm gonna have to ask if Ranger regions are included. Not that any of them are my favorite, I guess that'd be...... maybe Sinnoh?

7103872 The Ranger series, as well as the Mystery Dungeon, PokéPark series, Revolution series, or the upcoming Detective series won't be canon for the story.

Well...Okay, the Ranger series is technically canon, but there won't be any reference to it and none of our characters are going to be showing up near there anytime soon.

7099903 Same here, Hoenn's the best one. Heck, it's the home region for my top three favorite Pokémon.

7097975 Aw yeah, Miror B fan found! For a second, I thought that no one would even know who he was. Real quick, how do you think I did writing him?


He was good for his post reform! Hopefully he can help out poor Sweetie Belle. Hopefully she loves taking care of Pokemon! I can see her first Pokemon being Lotad or Skitty.

For me it will probably always be Kanto.

My favourite region is Johto, because of the lore and nature-y-ness. Also, I've been playing SoulSilver recently. I like Sinnoh because of the lore too, as well as nostalgia and Chuggaaconroy.

I also like how Sweetie thinks humans are dragons. Not something I've seen before.

7177451 Honestly with how the new episode Gauntlet of Fire went I think it makes even more sense. After all, if Rarity explained what teenage dragons look like to Sweetie it would fit pretty perfectly.

Also, CHUGGACONROY! :pinkiehappy:

I think you should start labelling who's POV it is in every chapter. I'm not sure who's perspective the first chapter is in. (Sycamore's?)

7179105 It was supposed to be hidden in the first chapter. For a few paragraphs I wanted to give off the impression that perhaps it was Twilight and not Sycamore. It'll be fixed in chapter to come.

Big Mac, all day, everyday.

As for the list:


Gonna have to go with the Hoenn Region. Mostly because of Zangoose, and Breloom existing from it.

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