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Darkness Shade

Just an avid writer that recently got into the FiM fandom, enjoyed the show, had some silly thoughts, and so started writing a story that's gotten pretty big in a short time. Also Apps is best pony!


Hey guys! Ah've got good news! · 3:39am Oct 30th, 2017

And it's not just the fact that Ah'm still alive after going to Italy for a month, or having to deal with a hurricane.
Nope, it's that on Tuesday evening of this week, the 31st of October, Ah will at long last be posting another new chapter.
Holy hell did it take a long time to get this one knocked out but by Luna did Ah not give up on it.

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What the....? *poke, poke* Uhm...hmmm. I think ya might've broken him, Deej. The nostalgia rush hit him harder than he was prepared for. Also, I think it made him realize how old he is now, since the original came out like 20 something years ago. Now let's just hope we can get our hands on some. Hahaha.

Hey Dark! I remembered you saying something in our crossover about this, so I figured you'd get a kick out of it: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3380301/hi-cs-ecto-cooler-returning-to-stores/

Thanks for favoriting "Waiting for Sunset". I'm glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

Oh good heavens. Hahaha. That cunning disguise! We should never have doubted. :derpytongue2:
And us? Change from being the buncha characters that we are? Please~ As it is, the newest chapter is getting near it's completion, and man...it's got some stuff in it.
Indeed it does. Though motivation was lacking, much was found this past week at night and probably wrote well over half the chapter thanks to that. It's a pretty big one, and important too.
How, you might ask? Well, yer just gonna have to see. :trollestia:

And don't worry, gaming sometimes pulls me from the pone too, so Ah feel yer pain. Hahahaha. In fact, just started Undertale after picking it up on the Steam Sale and man...Ah'm hooked. That game is just a delight!

  • Viewing 172 - 176 of 176
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