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Darkness Shade

Just an avid writer that recently got into the FiM fandom, enjoyed the show, had some silly thoughts, and so started writing a story that's gotten pretty big in a short time. Also Apps is best pony!


This story is a sequel to Just Horsing Around

Over a year has passed since Ryan found his way into this land of technicolor ponies, and he's adjusted pretty well despite many interesting truths coming to light and completely turning his world around. While he and his herd now have to deal with their new status as royalty, they've managed to keep their lives pretty much the same.
Unfortunately, things never remain quiet forever, and as they're about to find out, their greatest challenges still lay ahead.

It only took forever, but here it finally is! The long-awaited sequel to Just Horsing Around! We hope it's been worth the wait!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 22 )

Why do I feel that Nightmarity will appear?

Another great chapter.^^ I, personally, was often of the opinion that Nightmare was Luna's first tantabus, honestly, having taken its job beyond its purpose.

yay it's back it's the sequel great chapter I can't wait to see the next chapters.

This will be a good read while I await the continuation of DJ's adventure. Also: SEQUEL HYPE! WHOOOOOOOO!

I love this chapter. I am a huge fan of Castlevania.

Even if ya end up being the only comment on this chapter at the moment, the fact that you got such enjoyment from the material Ah decided to take influence from just makes it feel like the yearlong struggle to get this chapter done was well worth it. So thank you.
Also, yer current icon is freaking awesome. I love the wild eyed look Tavi is rocking, haha!

Another great chapter, as usual.^^

An excellent start to the new story!

Um, is this fic dead?

No, it's just that compared to the earlier story, my life is a lot busier now than it was then and so it takes a lot longer for me to write out the chapters, let alone find the time to sit down to write them. Ah still have plenty of ideas of what Ah wish to do with this story, it's just that life is getting in the way and making it difficult to churn out the hijinx like Ah once did. Rest assured, if Ah do ever give up the ghost on this one, Ah'd at least post something so you wouldn't be wondering about it forever. All Ah can really do is just ask for your patience while Ah do what Ah can to get more written.:twilightsmile:

Is there going to be a new update soon?

Ah am working on a new chapter, it's just like with the 2nd one where it's wherever Ah get some free time. Ah know it's taking longer than it used to with the original JHA but mah free time is not as prevalent as it was when Ah was writing the first story. Of course, Ah'm also working on another story at the same time, which all Ah can say is that it takes place in the Horsing Around universe and does involve everyone's favorite soul man, Darkness Shade.
So, as hard as Ah know it is, just please keep being patient and hopefully Ah'll have it out before we end up at another year having gone by, haha.

Is this story alive or no? been waiting for forever for an update.

Are you going to continue at all?

*Le-GASP!* :pinkiegasp: AN UPDATE!~ I'll read it as soon as I can.:twilightsmile:

*sigh* This is EXACTLY what I feared. This is going to take FOREVER to read this update. ...still glad to see you update, but the amount of time this will take to get through will be a bit of a nightmare. XD

I've been a fan of this series since Just Horsing Around. Though I favorited this story as well when I saw there was a sequel, I waited for an update first. But I got to say great series so far. Hopefully not too long between updates this time.:twilightsmile:

Finally finished reading. A worthy update to this fic... even if it's been so long that I've forgotten some details. XD

After finely getting the chance to read it thru I can thus'ly say without doubt that this was a great chapter, with the hints at the start to happenings in DJ's Equstria being quite enticing, here's hoping they'll be able to get their trilogy back up so we may see that boss fight.

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