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Darkness Shade

Just an avid writer that recently got into the FiM fandom, enjoyed the show, had some silly thoughts, and so started writing a story that's gotten pretty big in a short time. Also Apps is best pony!


Across the vast sea of reality, multitudes of worlds exist in the great Omniverse. For every decision and variable, there is an Equestria that is unique to it's inter-dimensional neighbors. Normally, these boundaries are not easily broken, and the different realities know not of one another.
...unfortunately, thanks to lack of foresight and the cosmos being mischievous as always, DJ Sparkle and Malice are about to break that boundary in the hardest way possible. The consequences of such an action will make themselves known as this single act throws an entire other reality into disarray.
And to think, Ryan and Darkness Shade were hoping their trip to Canterlot after the escapade in Tartarus would be a relaxing one. Between having to deal with an inter-dimensional pone, his obnoxiously loud other self, and an evil cult hoping to capitalize on the instability between worlds to "resurrect" their chaotic master's "true self", it'll take all the heroes they can muster to save their herd, their home, and perhaps most of all: their sweet, sweet plots!

As teased at being real, and having taken on a life of it's own, Ryan and Darkness Shade of Just Horsing Around will finally have the tale be told of when they crossed paths with DJ Sparkle and Malice of My New Life With Ponies?!. Whether yer a fan of one story or both, this tale will most certainly not disappoint!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 75 )

Is this meant as a sequel or as a side story?

5003111 I take it it's also a fanfic crossover, eh? I nearly never read those.:\

DJ already stated what it was, but to further clarify: the events of this story will take place between the most recent chapter of JHA and the next chapter that Ah'm also currently working on.
And yep, it's totally a crazy crossover!

Glad ta hear it! There's certainly much more to come so get ready! :pinkiehappy:

5004750 In that case, guess you recommend the fic that you're crossing over with, eh? XD

Yes! Ah do recommend DJ's series. Best to start with the first of what he's making a trilogy. Here.
Ah won't lie, it starts pretty rough.
But considering it was one of the first things he's ever written like this, it's not bad. And it definitely improves by the end of that one and then when the sequel takes over. So, overall, it's worth pushing through for the jokes and such. As well as his whole take on the HiE thing.

5004893 Alright. Put it on my Read Later list then. XD

I'm a bit disappointed that this got so many dislikes out of the gate. Still haven't read it yet, but I'm working my way to it.

Secondary point I'd like to bring up, now that I'm actually in the reading process. You need to give it another round of spelling and grammar checking. You misspelled Luna's name within the first few paragraphs!

I can't read this until I read JHA! :flutter cry: I was looking forward to it...Time to read JHA!

Just wondering are the discords going to appear in this story? Like uno

Man, Ah've been meaning ta reply to these for a few days now. Hahaha.
Anyway, Nero, Ah think the main reason was it's an HiE and there are a pretty dedicated group of people here that sit the front page watching for any of those to instantly dislike. Which is a bummer but ya can't fight them so...oh well. XD
As fer yer other point....:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:
Ah cannot believe that of all the errors to miss, Ah'd miss that one! Seriously, Ah spent quite a while going over it and, of course, DJ looks over things too on the DOC so Ah don't get how I missed that one. It's fixed, so...yeah...hopefully nothing else distracted yer enjoyment of the crossover. Speaking of that, if you've finished reading, what do ya think so far? :twilightsmile:

...where's the problem now? :rainbowlaugh:
Seriously though, if ya enjoyed DJ's stories then Ah know yer gonna love reading JHA. After all, JHA was one of the stories to inspire him to write his series so Ah'm sure that counts fer something. Hahaha. Be sure to comment when you do read it, as Ah love hearing what those that read mah stories think! :pinkiehappy:

DJ beat me to it already, but yeah. They're coming. We're doing our best to cover the bases of both story world's traits in this crossover. So if it's something that JHA or MNLWP is known for, odds are it'll show it's face in someway within this one!

I FINALLY FINISHED IT! After about, what, 2-3 weeks? Yeah I think that's right!

Well, this crazy has barely just left the station, am I right?

Well, Mate, that was... Very very interes-no insane! Glad to see I'm not the only one who's insane beyond belief!

Well I'll be waiting for the next chapter of dis and JHA! Bye Mate!

Hahaha, well, better late than never, right?
Anyway, good timing as Ah'm gonna start proofreading the next chapter and try ta get it posted around the beginning of October.

And yeah, the crazy hasn't even left the station...it's still being boarded as far as Ah can say! :rainbowlaugh:

Quite! We're both a bit...oddball in our ways, which is why this crossover is just going to work so perfectly!

Heh, okie-dokies, dood! Till later, Incog, keep watching! :pinkiehappy:

SEVENTEEN THOUSAND WORDS?!?!?!?!? Dang but you two sure belt out a lot at once.:fluttershysad:


Ok, i see a battle of life for death and a adventure of mystery till he end of days.
And a 1 v 1 no hold bars fight to submission between dj and mallie aganst ryan and dark.

this is gonna be fun.
i am fan, make more soon.

Well, to be honest, quite a bit of that in the beginning was just me...but with DJ giving me a hand (hoof?) things have gotten really crazy. Also, doesn't help that Ah'm kinda known for big chapters so...yeah. Hahaha.
Also, we've probably got three more chapters of that size already written so...yeah. Haha.:twilightsheepish:

...are you predicting the future? :rainbowhuh:
But yeah, suffice to say some fun is coming so keep watching. :pinkiehappy:


5094376 wheni open the third eye i see without my mind. I hope that you see wat i hope will be.

sorry for the opaque ness of this coment but you kinda half to keep it out os sight, aint that right pinks?
there ya go.

Just a real quick question. In the next chapter are you going to have DJ suffer through the hangover, or are you going to have him drink the instant hangover cure from the forever drink? :trollestia:

The answer Ah will give is that things sort themselves out. Take that how you will~ :trollestia::trollestia:

Hmmm...*dances around you*

...Dark, what are you doing to our valued commenter?

...what? Don't you get the best magic by dancing around the equinox? :trollestia:


5109016 it is very true you get more magic by dancing around the equinox, but I heard you get even more during the solstice.:rainbowwild:

yep*fistbumps with dark*

Oh, sorry forgot my mental companion, this is Chronos Phulax. But I just call him chrono for short.

pleasure to meet you.

*wispers to dark* dont trust him. He is the one who taught celestia how to troll

maybe I did, maybe I didnt:trollestia:


Then mission accomplished, we say! Hahahaha. Keep an eye out for more to come once we get the editing done.

And honestly, it only took so long ta post it because certain parts required extra editing.
The next chapter should, God willing, be out much quicker.
Either way, enjoy it!

Another excellent chapter.^^ Though talk about major foreboding.

Hot damn! So much cross information! I can't wait for tomorrow, when I can start reading Chapter 2!

If there's a legend, maybe there should be a Prophecy?

>49,075 words

*epic spit-take that nearly takes off Angel's head*

You make me so happy~

now that was a huge chapter me like a lot took a while 2 read can't wait for the next one:pinkiehappy::yay::moustache:

“Ugh! No, no, no, no! Why does it have to be so hard to create a zero degrees kelvin temperature spell?

I haven't finished the chapter yet, but...

What the hell, DJ!? Why are you trying to create a spell that can induce Absolute Zero!?

Hahahahaha, what a spit-take that must've been. Heh. Ah'm glad the massive size made yer day! :pinkiehappy:
Happy ta hear ya liked it as well. The next part will be forthcoming, but like the previous chapter, there's some things that need done to it extra that will take a bit of time.
He's trying to get a leg up on Dark and mahself, seeing as he figured out that having a repertoire of skills is what led to the two of us trouncing him and Malice in the fight. Plus, expanding yer skill set isn't a bad thing to work on.
That's right! So they want to create some kind of specialties of their own, so that maybe Mallie can finally "get one up on Shade-boy" as it were. :derpytongue2:

Either way, Ah'm glad to see that the massive size of the chapter was actually welcomed and such. Ah really didn't know what to expect when Ah found out the chapter was that size, but like Ah said in mah blog, Ah just couldn't find a good way to break it up so it stayed as one.
Anyway, thanks fer the comments as always y'all, and keep looking on to the next update! :moustache:

Extremely long and good chapter, but evil cliffhanger.


Fuck you dar. Fuck you to hell where you. Can become satians bitch.
malice, you have free rien for the next day.
drocsid (past discord) go suck saitans taint.

Sooooooo many DBZ references.....

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. And, hey, it's me! Cliffhangers should be expected. :derpytongue2:
Ah don't...what...wut?:rainbowhuh:
Well, growing up DBZ was something Ah took a liking to and it's been an inspiration for fight sequences in mah stories ever since. Hopefully ya liked it, at least Ah think ya did from what Ah can tell. Haha.:rainbowlaugh:

5546606 DBZ an inspiration, eh? Well, ever watch RWBY then?^^

‘Blue Alicorn Needs Food Badly’.

I still haven't finished the chapter, but that's a reference to Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, right?

Can't say that Ah have. Ah think Ah've heard of it, though.
Haha, well, it's more generally a Gauntlet reference, but seeing as Dark Legacy is a Gauntlet game, then yes, it certainly is in reference to that iconic "*insert character here* needs food badly* phrase. Haha. Those games were so much co-op fun, especially in the arcade. *sigh* Good times.

5555374 I prefer the PS2 release of both Dark Legacy and Seven Sorrows. While I am typing this, I'm looking up any other games in the series, and holy crap there's a lot!

Malice looked torn. Hmm, killing Darkness or killing Bieber? Bieber or Darkness? Darkness or Bieber? Ugh, why must I always be stuck with the difficult decisions? I choose… ah, what the heck I can dream of it later, let’s go kill some Shades!

Aw...should have chosen Bieber. He must cease to exist!

Damn! What little Ah saw makes that look off the hook!
Yeah, man, the Gauntlet series has been around for a long, long time. Ever since the early days of the arcade. Like Ah said, fun times.

And yeah, good ol' Mallie-kun had a heckuva time choosing which path of fun he wanted with that, but I think he went with the one that made him the happiest. Hahaha.

5559240 Thought you'd like that.^^ To forewarn though, Season 1 of the series is slower than Season 2, due to having to set up the setting and whatnot. But dang, the fights Season 1 DOES show are bad ass, and Season 2 picks up the pace extremely nicely.:D

5559240 Oh, and since you liked that, you should really look up on Youtube a playthrough of Asura's Wrath. It's just too epic for words.

Finally finished chapter 2! Now I'm gonna take a break from reading, I really need one!

But I will be back to read the rest!

Great job you guys did!

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