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I'm just your average writer. I write stories and there's not much yo it beyond that.


Equestria is under siege by a terrible inter-dimensional titan and an army of giant robots. The Elements of Harmony have failed, all attempts to resolve the situation peacefully have proven fruitless, and no amount of pony forces seem to be able to combat this foe. In a desperate attempt, Celestia seeks out help from across dimensions for the only one versed enough to combat a threat of this magnitude. What she gets is a blond-haired moron piloting a highly advanced/modified giant blue robot with a car for a head...

Equestria is bucked.

** Authors note, this takes place before season 3. This is also a collaborative work between Darth Equus and myself.

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I'd love to hear what you all think! :twilightsmile:

Ah, MEGAS; one of the greatest giant robots ever.

And a great soundtrack to go with it!

i just saw this and havnt read it but good to have more MECHA LOVERS AROUND

Probably My biggest complaint is not having this separated by chapters. With 22k in words it would be a logical choice.

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This was really fun. I'd say that you captured the heart of Megas XLR perfectly.

That was amazing! You even ended it like most megas xlr episodes, everything gets destroyed and you even got coops food Peeve right, simply fantastic. Wish there was more though. thanks for writing this most epic fanfic. Oh and discord would so vacation in silent hill,he's only one brave or stupid enough to do it.

4564083 Well there is talk of a part two but nothing is entirely official or solid about it other than the fact that it will not be a chapter but another stand alone story.

4540967 I did think about that but when I broke it up at the breaks in the story I realized that each chapter was going to be half a page or less. that in my opinion would not constitute enough to warrant breaking into chapters and i didn't want to drag the story on any longer than I had to for each scene. I apologize for the long wall of text but it's really the only way I could write it without dragging the story flow down.


I could just hear the music all through out the fight, you good sir have made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy with your beautiful story, the only thing I regret is that I can only like it once!

Was there a Mazinger Z ref?

Celebrity Deathmatch Reference, Ha!

That was so funny

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