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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.


A take on Humans Acting Villainously: Celestia has won, the barrier and conversion bureaus have wiped away everything humanity had and was.
But uneasy rests the tyrant's crown.
The Newfoals remember legends of things that go bump in the night, and they have decided that now even Celestia must know and fear them too. That there are beings to give even Luna nightmares.
Celestia is merely a Princess, and he is the King.

Yeah! Featured 8/7/14, 8/11/14, 8/12/14, 8/14/14 and 8/21/16. Thank you all.

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No it's not Elvis. :raritydespair: Although I might add that as a chapter to Feghoot later. :raritystarry:

Whelp... You know this has to be done, now, right? :duck:

-A pony off the coast of Japan witnesses Godzilla rising-


Japan: GOZIRRA?!


So are you done with Spartacus for now then?

I. Love this already and can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

4760034 Perhaps.

4760035 Nope, still working on it and Cultural Artifacts, but I've reread The Conversion Bureau: A Beacon of Hope and some of the better League of Humans Acting Villainous stories (check my Favorites for two) and my muse kept shoving this story in front of my nose. Somehow I couldn't work it into Cultural Artifacts or I Am Not Spartacus, so it was new story time.

4760046 I've got a second chapter getting proof read. If my editor rolfing doesn't cause an injury, it should be available later today. A third chapter is half way written.

4760194 man you must write like a storm although to probably helps to plan the story.

Okay I'll admit it. I find this funny as hell. :pinkiehappy: Moar!

Also, Showa, Heisei, Millennium, or Legendary era version?

4760420 Writer's Block, is that where you have stories getting in the way of the story you want to write? It's also always having the means to write. I bought my cellphone based on whether it had a real keyboard or not.

4760637 Millenium, specifically Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, except this one will be a bit funnier.


Nice. The GMK version actually makes a certain kind of sense since that one survived literally everything and then some, including being reduced to a beating heart that was slowly pulling itself back together. I will say this though. If he's to proportion, even if he's at human size, his arms aren't going to be shorter than a human's. In every incarnation, Godzilla's arms have been roughly human proportion, he simply holds his lower arms at an angle most of the time.

I'm a Godzilla nerd, so sue me.

4760910 nah I'm not writing but I am thinking of giving ideas to writers if they need help. :pinkiehappy: But I may will see if people would want my help.

Also my spellings atrocious I don't care.

Hmmmmm, let's see where this goes. I will raise you one favorite and hold onto that like for now.

4760925 So am I, so I figure it ought to be fun seeing the Equestrians deal with him.

4761016 Spelling is what spell checkers are for.

4761712 4761738 I hope you enjoy chapter two as well.

4761871 Oh course I believe in God - zilla.


Oh my God, that was awesome. So Godzilla is aware of the timelines. That adds so much more humor to the whole thing. I can't wait to see Celestia and Luna face to face with him and watch him beat the crap pout of them if they try anything stupid. But what would be more funny is if they find Godzilla and then have to cope with Rainbow being right.

Celestia: Well....Horseapples.

Luna: That's the ugliest duck I've ever seen in my life.

Please please PLEASE have one of the new foals go OMG its GODZILLA, when he appears............or however that quote goes....

4762152 See the jolly monster, sleeping by the sandy shore,
Dreaming his dreams by the azure blue sea,
And he dreamt, as he slept, of maidens fair inviting him:
"Please come a waltzing, Godzilla with me!
Waltzing Godzilla, waltzing Godzilla, please come a waltzing Godzilla with me!"
And they sang, as they stomped through the vacant streets of Canterlot,
"Please come a waltzing, Godzilla, with me!"

Waltzing Godzilla!
Waltzing Godzilla!
Won't you come a-waltzing, Godzilla, with me?
When you come into town,
You kill everything for miles around!
Won't you come a-waltzing, Godzilla, with me?

Underneath the pines trees, right beside the silver lake
There lay the monster, big and green!
And we sang as we ran through the burning streets of Canterlot,
"You'll come a-waltzing Godzilla with me!"

Waltzing Godzilla, waltzing Godzilla,
You'll come a-waltzing Godzilla with me—
And we sang as we ran through the burning streets of Canterlot,
"You'll come a-waltzing Godzilla with me!"

Waltzing Godzilla, waltzing Godzilla,
You are a monster from under the sea.
When you come into town,
You kill everything for miles around!
Won't you come a-waltzing, Godzilla, with me?

4762106 Xenolestia try something stupid, heaven forbid! :trollestia: Just standard Japanese Army tactics (save those in Godzilla 2000 when they knew what they were doing).


Dude even when they KNEW what they were doing he pretty much walked all over them anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm actually intrigued by this!

It's rare to see a newfoal story where they summon something that isn't a destructive beast raining fire on the ponies, so I am going to watch this story very carefully.

Is it stupid that my first thought when I read "The King" was Elvis, just because it would be funny to see him bring down Celestia?

4763796 It would have been a lot more funnier. He'd team up with Big Foot, Skunk Ape, Dracula, the Loch Ness Monster, and Johnny Cash. They form a group called Humanity's Last Hope and have wild adventures across Equestria, rocking out all the while. This culminates in a battle between them and Celestia, where they combine with the Elements of Harmony sending a supercharged wave of pure harmony to restore Earth and all New Ponies.

Or something like that. Best I could come up with in a couple of minutes.

I imagine tbe newfoals will react with either fanboyism or terror.

4763067 :derpyderp1: Oh, it's from a Mike Myers movie. Thank you for the information. You do know what happens to lawyers confronting giant reptiles don't you?

4763607 Oh it's going to be terribly destructive, just in a different way.

Romans 12:19-21 ► 19 Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.
21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place.
Gul Dukat - "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Sacrifice of Angels (#6.6)" (1997)

Yes, I left out the second line.

4763796 No, it isn't stupid, I thought the same thing on publishing, and I'm the one who wrote it (see the first comment).

4764132 More like Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, the Who (because reporting an attack by them would be comedy gold), J.S. Bach, and a few others.

4764153 The entire army collapsed. Godzilla leaned over and sniffed. "Oh, that's just disturbing," he thought. :twilightoops:
Although Luna playing Fay Rae might be interesting.

I'm not a particular fan of the Humans Acting Villainously genre but so far this looks like a fun ride. It helps that it features a protoganist whose goals are not limited to a tour of destruction, no matter how overpowered he is. That he is actually concerned about minimizing damage and panic reactions only adds to that.

Including Sunset Shimmer and mentioning Tirek was a nice touch and very effective for providing context as to when this story takes place. The encounter with Fluttershy, too, was as good as such a scene can be.

Will chapter length and time between updates stay this short?

And some minor typos

I closer I can get to my goal

"Perhaps I have now made clear..."

4764488 It depends if author cares shit about people wanting updates or not. Hell, he is updating at rate i could update all my four stories, i just lack the interest to give a fuck. Hey author, YOUR THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!! THANKS FOR THIS STORY, IT'S GREAT!!! :pinkiehappy:

Please stop with the First World/Third World bullshit

You know where that came from? The Cold War. First World countries were NATO-affiliated, while Second World were part of the Warsaw Pact. Third World were unaffiliated with both, and they just so happened to be poorer countries. :V

Nope. Dates of industrialization.

As someone who HATES the whole conversion bureau thing, I am loving this fic. MOAR PLEASE! :pinkiehappy:

yes!!! celestia will soon learn not to underestimate the king! update soon plz!

Dan_s Comments, I love your work with Cultural Artifacts and "I am not Spartacus" and am eagerly awaiting updates on both, but DAMN this story is ALSO interesting! If you need a breather from those other 2, this is a wonderful side project :>

Heh. This just gets better and better. Gamera reference was hilarious, especially considering Screwattack's upcoming Deathbattle release.

I like the way you're using the character. As a note, Mothra is a moth, not a butterfly. But otherwise, so far so good. :twilightsmile:

4764488 The LoHAV stories I like are when the human is basically screwed over by the ponies and can't deal with them by any other means. Darth Vulcan for example tries to 'play nice' and gets screwed over at every turn, when he's a bastard he wins and does his victims some real permanent good.
That's what I was aiming for here. Of course thre's going to be a problem, but it's going to be the ponies fault.
Chapter length is goign to stay small. The updates are going to come as quick as I can manage, but I have work on the weekdays. Glad you likes the little tidbits.
Fixed the typos.

4764538 Thanks, I am trying.

4766357 I enjoy poking holes in that genre, and the 'I'm superior because I'm a pony' ethos. Considering the things we've learned the pones have done, they are arguably worse than us.

4766771 I wouldn't go that far. Experience why, yes. Learn from it, not quite yet. Chapter 4 is almost done.

4766950 Not so much a breather as my muse shoved this to the front of the line and said 'Nothing else for you until you write this.' So I'm writing.

4767638 Thanks. Personality wise this one is closest to the Legendary character, who didn't go out of his way to destroy property. But would if that was necessary.
And the one reporting was an overexcited fanboy, so a few in accuracies are bound to crop up.

4759432 And yet I can imagine Godzilla dressed like Elvis in this story...

time to kill the Princess's

4767800 Small details are what breaths life into a story. If only the actions/thougts of the protoganist and antagonist were shown to the reader, the story would quickly turn stale. Context, world building and by showing how things look from the sidelines expand a story's setting, turning it into a place where people actually live instead of just a stage.

Something has been bugging me, though. I know it is currently of little consequence to the plot but what exactly does the world this is set in look like? The default TCB has Equestria (as in only the nation where the ponies live) pop up as an island in the middle of an ocean on Earth, leaving behind other regions of their homeworld. Rainbow having to travel across an ocean to the pony homeland suggests that this part is set on their world unless it too was taken along for the ride to Earth. No mention of the cleansed human lands has been made at all, nor where the vast numbers of newfoals have been allocated to other than a few as part of the background here and there. So far everything points towards Earth still being very much seperated from the ponies home world.
For this story, though, none of this matters.

4768293 Maybe Rarity will make that for Fleetfoot and Godzilla's wedding. :raritystarry:

4768692 To quote Jafar 'Abject humiliation.'

4768747 Considering that the original was set before the Hearth's Warming Day was revealed and the Hasbro map that shows the other lands across the sea:media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/63/4a/41/634a419a0ea9f209fa9ebc2b02892a8c.jpg they don't touch on that. I'm assuming the original pony homeland was in the Western Sea. The path Godzilla took was paralleling the trainline north of Whitetail Wood and Ponyville.
How Earth fits in, I haven't figured out. Considering how avaricious Xenolestia usually is portrayed, the world may resemble s figure-8 with Equestria being the point of intersection between the two worlds. So if a griffon or dragon wanted to go to Earth, they'd first have to go to Equestria.
I also suspect that Earth is very sparsely inhabited. Ponies couldn't live there. Even without humans, Earth is too turbulent and too violent for Equestrians. Bears aren't going to have teaparties. Hurricanes can be bigger than the land of Equestria itself. The sun and the moon operate without the influence of magic users. That's ignoring earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, etc. We are a product of our environment, and Mother Nature is a pitiless bitch.


the world may resemble s figure-8 with Equestria

I believe TCB: Not Alone did something very similar. The only practical way I can imagine for this to work is "if you leave Equestria from location X in direction Y you will enter Earth." It also means that any information regarding humanity and the conversion process had to trickle through Equestria before it could reach any of the other lands on their homeworld.

I also suspect that Earth is very sparsely inhabited

Mother Nature is a pitiless bitch.

This is one of the things that will never cease to amuse me whenever the TCB is mentioned. Ultimately Celestia cannot win anything from converting mankind and scrubbing any trace of it from the planet. Earth is not the peaceful garden she and her ponies reside in. Any attempt at colonization will come with hardships and costs they are not used to. Worse yet, they have to feed millions upon millions of newfoals, something I doubt their agriculture is up.

At least it's not a dragon, she thought, then she gathered her courage and approached.

No, Fluttershy. Godzilla can be considered worse.

...Though not this version, he takes his actions into account and avoids collateral damage to buildings/towns when possible. :pinkiehappy:

And over the next few days, Sound Pinard, owner of the local Ear Trumpet store, became one of the richest fellows in canterlot

4769350 I doubt the people who wrote them ever thought of logistics. In converting humans she gets the dictator's ultimate achievement, "You get your kicks out of turning people who should logically hate you into mindless zombies chanting your name."

4769572 True.

4771745 4771757 Naw. :twilightblush:

4771862 And Billy Mays arrived and became known as the Horse Whisperer.

4771910 :twilightoops: Good Heavens no. :twilightsmile: Much more humiliation to come. :twilightangry2:

4771974 yeah but please oh please make her suffer then kill her pretty please:fluttershysad:

As a note, at no time was Godzilla ever female.

Even the 1998 version is male. However he is capable of reproduction asexually, as were nearly all the offspring. The surviving egg, if you go by the TV series that followed the film, lacked that ability due to a genetic alteration in his body chemistry.

Also, I love the way Discord mispronounces Raymond Burr's name. :rainbowlaugh:

4772054 I promise nothing. Sorry.

4772208 dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/discord.png I lied!
Discord is giving them disinformation. Like when he specifically told them the monster sighting was a prank.
The Rhomboid comment I have to give to my spellchecker, it's the first choice to replace Raymond, and I went with it.


Hmm. So Discord is actually messing with them?


That was brilliant. Really, really loving your Godzilla, and Discord's perfectly in character. More, I say!



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