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It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

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You did mention height, i just kind of glossed over it.

Oh don't worry I plan to have more story, RonI still needs to find the one responsible for bringing him to Equestria after all

Your mc was actually pretty witty and you managed characterization of the others fairly well. The pacing was good for what you did, but no real reference to height on any one other than your character that I remember so that might be something to look into. Would appreciate it if there was more story than sexuality but it's your story my dude.

Thanks for adding The Warrior in a Mare's World to your folder! What did you like about it?

  • Viewing 65 - 69 of 69
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If anyone would like to let me try my hand at Proof-reading a story or two that would be nice. Starting reading many stories on the site noticing one or two thing here and there that I thought was wrong and pointed it out in the comment section but would like to do a bit more than that, so if anyone is looking for someone who has yet to prove themselves, I maybe who your looking for!

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