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Sometimes you just need a little time and some good food to find the better path.

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I don't know what to think either my man

Thanks for adding my story to your Library. :twilightsmile:

Like Discord said, those Orbital Friendship Cannons are primed and ready. I wonder if Duskfall would force a selection of her own memories onto Starlight? Might be a bit dark for her, but this story does have the dark tag. It probably depends how pissed off being told by Starlight that "You've known no suffering" makes her. I'll have to ask.

I, in my own opinion, think that the way that you portray the struggle to except what has happened vs what "I" wanted to happen makes it kind of draw you in. I really feel for Dusk and look forward to the confrontation with Starlight. "You've had everything go your way for your entire life, you wouldn't understand." Starlight has become a stain on the ground due to ignorance. I REALLY look forward to the wake up call she gets... more than is actually healthy.

"Must Read" huh? :twilightblush: I'm entirely sure you're exaggerating, but hey, you've made me feel all mushy inside so you're definitely gonna have to TAKE RESPONSIBLITY!

  • Viewing 70 - 74 of 74
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If anyone would like to let me try my hand at Proof-reading a story or two that would be nice. Starting reading many stories on the site noticing one or two thing here and there that I thought was wrong and pointed it out in the comment section but would like to do a bit more than that, so if anyone is looking for someone who has yet to prove themselves, I maybe who your looking for!