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Forgotten Friendships Thoughts (Spoilers) · 6:49pm February 17th

Not a lot to say about this whole thing, But first off, the good.

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Um, excuse me sir, but I'm going to have to ask you to move. The letters. In your title.

Hey. Sunset Reset’s last chapter before the epilogue has a bunch of wrong word errors: god==>good hell==>help etc. I love this chapter though. It is jaring...

Can I maybe help edit it for you?

Have a follow!

Hope you're doing alright in life and creativity. If you're writing anything else somewhere else, please message me a link, as I've enjoyed your work and it deserves to be on my favorites shelf. Also, I'll do the normal begging and ask for more updates. :P

Hey, any chance you'll come back to Pony's Fury?

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