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How is the Traffic on This Information Super Highway? · 4:49pm October 14th

A few weeks ago, maybe a month, I noticed a post on EQD about how some people say the fandom is dying, but then it goes on to point out the numerous examples of fan works still being put out every week. I just shrugged and went on to the next post, not really caring if like all things, interest in pony wanes to the point of 'meh' levels. It happens. Hell, my meetup group doesn't even talk about pony anymore, we just hang out on our day off and play a board game or something.

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So, its been over a year since Changeling Monarch has gotten an update... Is that still a thing or is it more or less Dead/Haitus until Further Notice? Just wondering.

So I spent a week reading through Sunset Reset and the sequel/side story. I simply could not stop reading for some reason. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for more or other stories you post that I get an interest in. Keep up the good work.

Perhaps if I get enough time in my schedule (or someone throws some money my way on Patreon or Ko-Fi; they're your followers, you decide) then I might help you out with that rewrite. :raritywink:


While I do agree that the intro isn't my best work, the way I am, if I go back and change it, the action will chain reaction in my brain to go through the whole thing and correct more than just the simple spelling mistakes, like the length (even though it needed to be that long for Sunset to have the emotional attachment to remain in Equestria), three conversations that were basically repeated despite how Sunset needed those ideas hammered into her skull time and time again to stay in Equestria, and little bits about the story that would make writing the squeals a lot easier with some foreshadowing that's basically cheating.

Just think of the first chapter like the 1st season of a sci-fi show. The 1st season of any scifi show makes horrible mistakes that they always regret, but manage to work past despite how bad an idea they were.

I mentioned this on Sunset Reset directly, but I think you should go back and rewrite the first chapter. Not extensively, but just enough so that your version of Sunset isn't so OOC with herself in...pretty much all your subsequent stories in that timeline.

Other than that, keep up the good work!

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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