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Rainboms and Royalty Print Run: UPDATE · 10:14pm July 1st

Hello folks! It's July 1st, the date I asked folks to pay their pre-orders for the print copy by. I've gotten around 19 pre-orders so far and am waiting to receive payment from two.

Now, to make clear: pre-orders are NOT closed. You can still order now if you haven't already.

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So what are your favorite Rainbow Dash episodes? You've made it no secret you've had your issues with how her focus episodes handle her so, which Rainbow Dash focused episodes are the best ones for her?

Thank you for the favorite. It means even more coming from you. I remember seeing your name around the Winningverse, and you wrote some really cute stories yourself. :twilightsmile:

Wauw. You've been here since basically the very beginning, and you're still around? Nicely niced.

Are you still going to continue the dashverse, I'm really hoping to see the adventure to stop discord

Trinary do u plan to continue the dashverse series it is amazing I hope you write how in a future story on how rainbow would feel if she became an alicorn and the hilarity it brings and also this has been in my mind for a while what happened to Spike in the Dashverse what is his role in this universe cause i feel he would be assigned to luna as her Assistant i believe or is he twilight's assistant?

  • Viewing 124 - 128 of 128
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