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Completed Remastering · 6:59am Apr 7th, 2020

At the time of this blogpost, I will have just uploaded the final chapter of "Rainbooms and Royalty (Remastered)." For the sake of completion, I will also have uploaded the chapters of the Remastered version at the end of the original "Rainbooms and Royalty" in omnibus format--one additional chapter for the entire version. The Remastered version is also found on Fanfiction.Net under the name MLP-Trinary (I lost the information for my old fanfiction account). Links are below for the original and

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I saw that this morning! I haven't had time, but I was flattered that someone was inspired by a pic I commissioned! Thanks for dropping me a line regardless!

Hey Trinary, thought you might love this story that was posted! :raritywink:


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