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NEW STORY! Seasons Creepings! · 1:16am Oct 31st, 2017

Happy Halloween folks!

And speaking of a season where we talk about things returning from the dead, I'm tossing my hat back into the ring. I decided to shake out the cobwebs with a cute little one-shot set in the ever-awesome Chengar Qordath's Winningverse. I'm already working on new writing projects, dusting off older ones and re-dedicating myself to my writing. Hope to hear from you in the comments and maybe even at a 'con or two.

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Hi^^ Will you ever write a "Friendship is Empathy" like story about the mlp movie? I'm sure there is be a lot stuff for a third part of "Friendship is Empathy", especially if you also add Tempest to it


Yep. Haven't uploaded there in a while.


Without having rechecked, the general order goes:

"Rainbooms and Royalty"
"May the Best Friends Win"
"Rainbow Triumphant"
"Hot Heads"
"Hearth's Warming Swap"
"Storm on the Prairie"
"Diamond in the Rough"
"Wedding Bells"

Hey what's the canon order for your Dashverse stories? I want to make sure I don't skip things.

  • Viewing 101 - 105 of 105
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