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UPDATES: New Stories, BronyCon and oh yeah, still alive! · 3:41am July 25th

Yes, it's true, I live!

I'm heading to BronyCon and decided now's a good time to a post an update--and show that I've not been completely idle.

So, a quick explanation for my silence. I'm going to skimp over the real world issues (job stuff, family stuff, insane stalker troll threatening me and my friends, etc.) and deal with some concretes.

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Report Trinary · 343 views · Story: Rainbooms and Royalty · #Ranb

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Look I am truly sorry for my behavior I shouldn’t have sent you death threats and stalked you over a dumb fictional character it’s fine that you hate me I deserve it. After this you will never ever ever hear from me again I am deleting all my accounts I am leaving the fandom I will not bother you again. I am sorry for all the trouble I been causing you and your friends. I am Getting help for my violent temper. I hope you have a good life now take care of yourself goodbye.
Sincerely the pinkapocalypse
Sorry wasn’t sure if you saw my apology on DA I promise you this is the last time you will hear from me bye.

Now why isn't there a group for the Dashverse? :/

Hi^^ Will you ever write a "Friendship is Empathy" like story about the mlp movie? I'm sure there is be a lot stuff for a third part of "Friendship is Empathy", especially if you also add Tempest to it


Yep. Haven't uploaded there in a while.

  • Viewing 104 - 108 of 108
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