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Filly Profile (Feel Free To Use Her) · 11:41pm Sep 7th, 2012

Name: Almata Apple
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Sire: Macintosh A. Apple
Dam: Rainbow D. Apple
Blood Group: Pegasus Type IV, Negative Variant
Coat Colour: Red
Mane Colour: Rainbow
Eye Colour: Magenta
Cutie Mark: A Zap-Apple On A Cloud
Medical History (Newest To Oldest)
Cracked Hooves
Twisted Ankle
Broken Nose
Chipped Tooth
Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning
Broken Ribs

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Thanks for watching. :coolphoto:

Why are you watching me!?
...Do you love me? Is that why you are watching me?

I wish for you to carve that on the moon, so that all may witness its glory.

116775 I know. Tomboy =/= lesbian

Hey! Thank you so much for the fave on Under A Luminous Sky! MacinDash is my OTP, as well. It just makes sense once you take a closer look at the characters. Plus, I hate lesbian Dash. :twilightsmile:

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