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Still looking forward to the next chapter of Alicorn. Still one of my favorite MLP fan stories ever!


Thanks! I'll try!

Excellent work; please update soon!

It is always nice to see well-written fics like this.


Thanks for your interest in the story! It means a lot anytime cares enough to comment. :twilightsmile:

There are two upcoming chapters I mean to release together: a ground-up rewrite of Chapter Two, to be entitled "Worlds Fall Apart," and Chapter Ten. Both are about halfway scripted out and a quarter-way written. I got underway on them last year, but in January 2017, I packed up my whole life and moved cross-country. Spent a couple weeks living in a motel, moved into a new apartment, and started a new job with the Army, which is gobbling up most of my time and energy of late. Even with those all those wonderful-sounding excuses, the sad truth is I haven't been working on it nearly as much as I should.

Anytime someone leaves a comment, it motivates me, though! (I'd probably have finished the damn fic years ago if I had enough awesome readers like you bugging me about it!) I'll set aside some time tomorrow to work on it. Thanks!

  • Viewing 46 - 50 of 50
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