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Das Chicken

I used to write bios, but then i took an arrow to the knee. A penumbra based story is in the works.

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Yeah, yeah. There are a few unedited chapters... 472346

471603 You're welcome, I really think that your story deserves more likes, its a good, original fanfic, and has plenty of words. Although, more careful editing would help for sure. As for the name fiasco, back in 07', when i got a steam account, my brother helped me come up with a name for it. I pretty much stuck to it with the exception of occasional inside joke name changes and my new semi-permanant (is that how you spell it?) steam name. When i joined this site, RBD was (and still is) my favorite mane 6, and scoots was my favorite CMC. So i took advantage of how scoots is referred to as a chicken, and put her as my avatar. I figured that most people would get the reference, and clearly i was right. I would have had an RBD avatar, but they are so common nowadays, and the coincidence with my name being so similar to her 'nickname', i decided to use a scoots avatar. KEEP WRITIN' DEM STORIES!

Thanks for the fave! :scootangel: Also, Scoots is not a chicken!

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