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For all of us that supports the creativity of the Alicorns ocs, showing that their meaning is not necessarily "Over-powered" but that it shows another angle of the Brony fandom. The Alicorns ocs are not loved because they are different... The alicorns shows another face of equestria, sometimes something lost or something new. Let's stand up together with our proud ocs, we gave them a story and a power. Why should we be this different?

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Finally, a place where I can share my alicorn OC ideas. Okay, there ARE Mary and Gary Sues out there, but not all alicorn OCs are like that and not all Mary or Gary Sue characters are alicorns either. Some MLP fans just don't respect that. Here, it seems they do. :pinkiehappy: I'll fit right in.

Hell yeah! Fuck all the me-tooers that've been regurgitating each other's soundbytes since the 19xx's, fuck everyone that thinks fanfiction being "Serious business" means everyone has to follow the same rules, let's see some creativity and let's see some fucking fun!

-Me: *flies in while clapping slowly* "Guess who!"

-Celestia: "Oh shit."

-Luna: "Thou should watcheth thy language, sister."


You are all on notice. When i finish reviewing the fic, A Nopony in Ponyville, I will be discussing this very topic. When I do, those that hide among the the truly skilled will be made known. Those who are skilled will stand vindicated. So is the statementof my intent.

*enters like Iron Man* Oh, hey. Did we save the world?
Ok. Good work, guys.

Commander Everfree Eternity arrived...

hey you should go check out Feria's story Memories, I find intresting how she adds her Alicorn OC into the show, and how she uses her own theory in the litlle known history of Celestia and Luna.

A place where ponies finally accept me! :trollestia:

It seems that there is are a few rising alicorns that are misunderstood. their stories will be revealed for all to see within time for I am the time master( "NOOOOO you an apprentice dangerfang!" Shouts a Random time master that has not been named yet) dangerfang.

I'm finally home......:yay::rainbowkiss:

Oh thank Celestia! I'm home among this group :pinkiesad2:



Huzzah! I have found my place in this FiMfiction kingdom! :pinkiehappy:

tanks prince aeon:pinkiehappy:

yay i found da group now lets reveal my awesomeness :rainbowdetermined2:

Holy mother of celestia why am I not in this group.
*click* there I fixed it

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