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I'm just a fun loving, awesome, Pokéfan, Minecrafting, girl who loves ponies! (This is too much of a cringe relic to change I'm sorry)

For the Record

This page was created when I was ten. I don't want to change it because it made me laugh so hard, it's so cringy it's unbelievable. Even so, expect me to re-write old works from time to time.

"You mean I'M Best Pony!?!?!?"

Welcome to my page!

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What is best Eve-lution

1371831 I'm doing awesome :twilightsmile: HOENN HIT US ALL WITH A HYPER BEAM


Oh, and I hope you're doing well Ninfia! ^_^

A collab? I've never done one...I would say yes! :D But... I won't be able to help you because of my darn school work and stuff... :facehoof:

(Trust me, I WOULD BE IN!!!)

I would like to help on some of the parts you need help on making though if you were to go through with it! :3

1337006 Must...resist... reference...impulse.... AH BUCK IT IM GONNA DO IT
Do you wanna do a collab~

Same here! Eventually one of us, or both, will make one! :twilightsheepish:

(Mostly with legendaries maybe)

1336988 Its fine! Follows are appreciated!~ If only I could actually write a Pokemon MLP Crossover!

Sry for the random follow... you had me at Pokemon =w=....

Actually, how about you try to get it back.

It's ok, I'll find one somehow.

1116748 Check my reply. Im super sorry.

What happened to Switching them back?
Don't think I'm playing around when I say I need it back.
But seriously, don't do this to me, please give my Shaymin back. I traded it to you because you told me we'd trade right back.
I'll give you a day to PM me about it before I do anything else.
But please, I want my little flowery bush back.

1093485 That's why I got the Prisim Sacle~:pinkiehappy:

...oooookay... I won't ask then. :rainbowderp:
I'm still at work though. if you can wait in 30 minutes (my lunch break), then we can trade.

1044273 Thanks! Do you mind naming it Bob?:twilightsheepish: Don't ask.

are you still looking for an Imposter Ditto?
I can easily catch one in one of my friend's safaris if you'd like. :pinkiesmile:

Your profile pic is so adorable:rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 53 - 72 of 72
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