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Apologies for my extreme inactivity · 2:55pm Apr 27th, 2017

I've been rather busy. I was in Japan, not to mention my math exam looming around the corner. My Little Pony has lost its steam for me, and I've drifted away from the friends I made on this website so I don't know what's even keeping me here. I suppose I'll visit sometimes but maybe this is bye bye?

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My Stories

My Bio (re-incarnated)

Hi everyone! I was walking down the street and I saw a big star. I made a wish, and all my nightmares came true...
And that's the story of how Equestria was made! Next time I'll tell you my life story.

Facts about me...

Gender: Female

Name: Rachel

Favorite video games: SKYRIM, OBLIVION, Dragon Age II, Pokemon

Favorite Pony: Princess Celestia

Fanfiction currently writing: Under New Management

Personality Type: ENFP

Likes: INTJs, roleplaying, discussing deep and profound things, video games, laughing, being silly, making new friends, being an evil dictator.

Dislikes: the word LOL, small talk, chewing with your mouth open, idiots, people who think me and my brother are dating, being interrupted.

Top 10 Ponies/Characters
10. Sweetie Belle

9. Big Macintosh

8. Princess Cadence

7. Apple Bloom

6. Twilight Sparkle

5. Pinkie Pie

4. Discord

3. Princess Luna

2. Rainbow Dash

1. Celestia

To Do List

[ X ] Get 20 followers
[ X ] Get 50 followers
[ ] Get 100 followers
[ ] Get a Story Featured
[ ] Get a Story Featured on Equestria Daily.
[ ] Have Someone make a prequel/sequel to one of my stories.
[ ] Get 50 thumbs up on one story
[ ] Get 100 thumbs ups on one story
[ ] *blushes* Get AuroraDawn to follow me.

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2060166 So did I.
And have a follow 'cause.

1990009 Yas! And I love it!

So... I just found someone with a cool username and some things in common with me.
It's you.
Watched the Lullaby for a Princess animation yet?

Thanks for the follow! I hope that you enjoy my stories!

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