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When Twilight and Applejack have a falling out over who can claim to have the best big brother, each will stop at nothing to prove theirs is better.

And their brothers will stop at nothing to make their sisters happy.

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The title sounds like the noise you make when blowing on someone's belly.

Loving it! Very funny and somehow seems very in spirit to the show. I am more interested in this fic then i have been in any other for quiet awhile. Hope you update soon, keep up the good word.

Instant fave! I need to see what happens!

This is fantastic. Everyone's in character, the narration is comical but not overbearing, the dialogue is spot-on, and the concept is awesome. It feels like an actual episode, it's that good.


... Huh. This is actually executed really well so far! I... Wow. Keep up the good work!

The concept is already genius, now I wait and expect to see you do it justice!

Ohhhh, this is gonna get ugly.... :rainbowlaugh:

rooting for Mac.

Not gonna lie, reading this story made me feel smarter. :rainbowderp:

Well, that aside, you've got an amazing story, and an immensely large vocabulary, under your belt! Have a fave! And a like! :twilightsmile:

Can't wait for more, man. keep up the good work! :rainbowkiss:

Oh my gosh this is fantastic! Too bad AJ can't argue: "My brother has his own emoticon on fimfic and your's doesn't!" :yay:

Wow... This is a great story so far:heart:
Now, there is a few mistakes here and there, but overall this is one great story. It has true potiential. Personally, I'm rooting for Big Mac:eeyup:
Now here is a like and fave for you...heck! heres a follow!:twilightsmile:

I'm gonna have to join Captain Corndog's camp

This story, judging by the first chapter alone, appears to be well planned, carefully crafted, grammatically immaculate, and carefully executed. I especially enjoyed the interplay between Spike and Twilight during the "royal fitting" and with Shining Armor during their scenes together, and I hope that such scenes will continue.

As for which "side" I shall take... neither, I'm here for the comedy, and I'm ready to watch everypony make complete fools of themselves for the sake of such.:pinkiehappy:

Well. This is gonna be an interesting story. It has plenty of comedy. I'm undecided as to which side on. I do feel kinda sorry for both of them since their sisters are forcing them into a competition.

Have you considered possibly using this as a cover picture?

This appears entertaining. Continue, please...

Here's hoping that by the end of this story ducks will be thrown by the competitors at each other.
Curious to see what happens next :raritywink::raritystarry:


I am thoroughly happy that your work has finally been featured. I rarely read anything on fimfiction, mostly because almost everything is either incredibly out of character or incredibly out of touch with the reality of Friendship is Magic. Your work is not among them. Your work reflects that which we watch on Saturday morning, in all it's sweet innocence. For that I applaud you my friend :eeyup:

YES! Congrats on getting featured, man. You definitely deserve it.

Looking forward to what you have in store for the rest of this!

How strange, I thought Twilight and SA already had a big fight when he didn't tell him he was getting married...:rainbowhuh:

Shining armor: I'm begining to regret not calling the mental institution...
AJ: You're the strongest dang stallion in the town! Now show that royal wuss what it means to buck apples EVERY BUCKING DAY!!!
Big Mac: Eeyup:eeyup:

Yes, Shining, your sister is insane. Where have you been?

Also, I will be severely disappointed if there are not a boat load of shenanigans.

Shining: Big Mac, I think our sisters might just be mad.

Big Mac: Eeyup.

Shining: Want to get plastered?

Big Mac: Eeyup.

....is going to be good.

Not gonna lie, I was expecting sex to happen.

Still good tho


"I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested."

"Yes... but I am beginning to regret not following it up with that specialist."

Seriously though, favetracking. I'm going to take what 3508657 said and add on: I think the moral of the story is that rather than analyzing a fight with her brother, Twilight's going to analyze the fight she had with her friend Applejack, write a healthy friendship report on it and use this whole first chapter as foreshadowing. And it will be super adorable.

Looking back at Twilight and coming to the conclusion that, no, it really had been her who'd been addressed, Applejack uncertainly bent her foreleg and began to bow.

"No!" Twilight yelled, leaping down from the table towards her friend at the speed of fear, sliding across the floor towards her and rolling on to her back, coming to rest beneath Applejack and using her hooves to press upwards into the farmpony's chin and chest, trying to keep them as far away from the ground as possible. "No bowing. Not you. Not my friends. Not ever."

Gotta say... this immediately reminded me of this scene:

I don't know how this is going to end, but I have to go with Twilight on this one. You know stuff is going right when you never have an argument with your sibling. Having an argument has a chance of one of two things happening: the first is that it works out in the end and brings the two closer together or the second when it drives a wedge between the two. Applejack has been pretty lucky it's been ending the first way but luck can't last forever

The most ridiculous story I've read yet.
Now in motion pictures. :derpytongue2:

Dude, you so need to keep this story going to the end. It has so much potential.:pinkiehappy:


Me oh my, this one's going to be awesome.
I'd take my hat off to you, but I'm not wearing a hat right now.

This can only get better!

Is this gonna turn out like that Dexter's Lab episode I remember seeing a long-ass time ago?

Let's watch!

I think an image from a cartoon that I watched as a child pretty much sums up my feelings about how the events in this story will go from here on out.

Pretty much this.

Okay, I am hooked. Twilight is adorkably obsessive, Spike is long-sufferingly supportive, Applejack is passionate and firm, and Shining and Big Mac are utterly confused, and Spike and Shining are like brothers. This is nearly exactly my headcanon...

GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

But for real, this seems like a classic in the making. It always warms my heart to see well-crafted fun fics in the box. Can't wait for more! :ajsmug:

by the way, look at my stories, please say me how i can make them better!

3511146 You haven't published any stories...

"You've seen it yourself with Celestia and Luna. That whole Nightmare Moon ruckus was basically just a big fight over how long the moon should stay up. You were there when that fight ended. And guess what? Lots of crying, and it brought 'em closer together."

The fact all life in Equus risked eternal night and a slow, frozen death, TWICE just for being caught in the middle, is only a lesser detail.


:moustache: ("I should go to the train station and warn Shining Armor to run away while he still has a chance.
Or, on the other claw, I could use him as a decoy for Twilight´s compulsive obsessiveness while I goof around unnoticed...")
:ajsmug: "Prove it!"
:twilightangry2:" IT. IS. ON!"
:moustache: ("Ok. I think I´m going to need more popcorn" ")

This fic brings out the best in me :ajbemused: LETS BLOW IT UP

"Conflicts between friends makes both wiser."

Through personal experience, I say that fights do make relationships better. :ajsmug:

Nice prose, nice writing style, nice pacing, nice dialogue, nicely portrayed characters and most importantly, very nice jokes.

It is a very nice fic.

Have I mentioned how nice it is?

My reaction:
"Prove it!"
Yesssss, this pleases me. :pinkiehappy:

This is such a good story! :twilightsmile:

Please, please, please continue!! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. I'm curious to see how this turn out...:pinkiehappy:

This could have easily just been a run-of-the-mill fanfiction, but you made it seem like it's an actual script from an episode of the show. Nice work. I owe you a fav.

Reads just like an episode of the show. Writing is watertight, too. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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