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Derping Doo

I think I'm that guy that's all for crossovers

My Attempts at Writing

Just Art

As much as I hate selfies, this is cool in my book.

Doesn't have to have cool characters to be art.

This is the absolute OTP. You can't change my mind.

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Haha maybe. Bit busy nowadays though, so I'm not sure (and what ELO are you, if you bother ranking?). Plus, been trying to actually work on that one story I have after like three years :twilightblush:.

I recommend you guys try out Ivern x Rengar bot. It's really funny to keep hopping on the enemies with Ivern W/Rengar P.

I used to play Soraka until he came out. Immediately fell in love with how he plays and is more interactive(and oh my god his quotes). Rushed him to M7 and have a few fun combos Botlane with my brother. I would love to eventually play a game with ya sometime. :)

Dash 'n Dive is what we call Yasuo and Rakan. Self explanatory.
Axe Bros is Darius and Sion. Just the presence scares people.
And Supreme Evil with Viegar and Morgana/Swain.
The 5 second stun and suppression is too much.

Indeed I do. Been M7 for a few months now.

LOVE the avatar you have! I use that for my Discord. Play a lot of Rakan?

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