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When Discord accidentally opens up a small dimensional rift, his best (and only) friend Fluttershy, along with her pet bunny Angel, accidentally gets sucked in. They end up in a place that is inhabited by strange animals that possess incredible abilities, and Fluttershy and Angel have been turned into two creatures that they've never seen before.

After another failed attempt at beating Whitney, a rookie trainer decides to train his Pokémon in the Ilex Forest. There, he finds a pink-haired girl with a Buneary stumbling around, lost. After telling him she has no idea where she is or what Pokémon are, and about a strange region he's never heard of where she lives, the trainer decides to help the lost girl find her way home.

Big thanks to Cerulean Starlight for proofreading this story.

Oh, and don't ask about the short description. I keep on trying to change it, but nothing happens.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 301 )

Chikorita for the win!! But Cyndaquil is also fine.

Loving this story so far. I might even make some fan art. :raritywink:

Not my kind of story, but I read enough of it, and it's pretty much feature box worthy.:twilightsmile:
If you can publish anoter chapter with 1000 words by today, your story is qualified to be up there. After that... well you're just going to have to hope a whole lot more people will start to read it.:rainbowkiss:

You're still going to need 1000 800 more words in the story though.
Stories don't get featured on the box unless if they have over 4k words, and a lot of support from the readers. (Likes, views, and favorites.)

I am really glad you chose gen. 2 pokemon because they are the best. I would with Cyndaquil with Totodile in second. Great story, rift was set up just right so the reader can get a good idea of what happened, but it is clear that the characters don't. :twilightsmile:

Then what are you doing here still!?
Go and write! Do it now!
And don't even think about replying to this message until you come back with another chapter!:flutterrage:
Time is of the essence right now!

Oi don't criticize me. I can do a huge review of the story if I wanted to. I'm just too lazy.:rainbowwild:

your helpful, i wasnt critizising and i wasnt being sarcastic. your helpful to everyones story i have seen on the new story list but me

I usually choose Cyndaquil, since he's better early game. Although, Totodile is better late game, especially if you give it Ice Beam to deal with Claire and Lance. Chikorita's good if you want to challenge yourself, especially early game, since Falkner and Bugsy have the type advantage.
Hmm... meh, I'm biased towards Cyndaquil, since I got a shiny one on my HeartGold (it took resetting the game almost 500 times, but it was 3 hours well spent)

um, you might want to make each chapter longer, by a lot. it's hard to get into a story if each chapter is too short. also, cyndaquil FTW.

2630718 Yeah, the Prologue was meant to be short, the first chapter, by my standards, isn't too short, and I kinda just rushed a bit on the second chapter.

2630718 Usually, I'm able to write from about 2,500 to about 4,000 words for a chapter. I was just eager to get this story out.

2,500... a bit short for my tastes, but not bad. try to at least hit 3,000 if you can, though it's best to avoid pointless padding.

ADORABLE WIDDLE ANGEL!!! All we need is a female Pikachu to swoon over him. :rainbowlaugh:

tododile. fire pokemon are overused.

2631092 ...Oh. My bad... :twilightblush: This is my first Human story...

2630544 this is a fanfic. it dosent matter.

Comment posted by Derping Doo deleted Dec 8th, 2013

cant wait till some bug cathcher trainer jumps out and attacks angel... lols will be had.

poor fluttershy. angels going to get taken away from her by a crazed pokemon collecter. :fluttercry:

Oh btw, I've blogged about your story. Hope it helped.:rainbowkiss:

2631183 Thank you! That's very much apreciated!

You're featured on the box, Derping!:pinkiehappy:

Darn, I feel a bit sad that I didn't find this story by chance, rather through Chaotic, but I'm glad I found it regardless! Is it decided who Leon picks yet? Not sure how the votes are going, but grass type Pokémon are my favorite! I would go for Chikorita, personally, but Leon's personality should be the thing that determines which one! Unless you're going to shape his personality around his Pokémon... meh, you've probably already decided anyway! Wow, I can't wait for the next chapter! I love how fast these chapters appear to be coming, however! Chapter One's length was my preferred word span, but the Prologue and Chapter Two are good, too! This story is actually kind of exciting!

2631146 Not the way i see it. You know how in the anime if a pokemon is letting you hold it or be near you. It's know to be your pokemon.

2631355 Nope, not yet. I'm keeping the votes up until the 30th. Then, I will write/post chapter three on the 31, revealing which starter was the most popular among the comments. So, everyone, please cast your vote for who you want Leon to choose. Also, sorry for the five-day break. School just let out, so I want to take this time to get through all of my Read Laters.

Chikorita, just because. (Assuming it's not too late to vote.)

Okay, no romance tag, so at least Leon or whoever won't be crushing on Flutters, or Angel falling for a Pokemon.

Fluttershy felt a little OOC for how quickly she decided that Discord had gone back to his old ways, honestly. Considering how patient she was in the show, I would think it would take more evidence than that to decide that Discord was evil again. (Like him showing up and gloating, or... whatever. Just seems too... sudden.)

Still, this isn't badly written, so I'll fave for now, and like if it stays good.

This... this, good sir, is a genius idea. I WILL be reading it soon. And I have no doubt that I WILL enjoy it.

This looks like it's going to get interesting.
I hope you have a plot relevant reason for the clothes to appear beyond "didn't want Fluttershy to show up naked", otherwise you have major plot hole.

Hurray! Chikorita, as was aforementioned, would be my vote then!

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