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Maybe someday I'l get around to posting something here. Turns out, the power to write was within me all along. Who knew?


Why are you here exactly? There are no stories to be found, none by me, anyway. I'm no author, not really. I have read more ponyfic than any one person reasonably should have though, so... want recommendations? I got more than a few... Otherwise... uh... yeah, not really sure what to say... Scroll down, or don't. I'm just a text box.


There's too many great stories, I can't fit all of them in fancy boxes on this page. If you made it this far and somehow haven't found something to read, go check out my Favorites Bookshelf. There's nearly 500 stories in there, there's gotta be something in there you'll like. Or not. Again, just a text box.

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