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Just a trans girl writing horseword stories while thinking about all the longer stories I could be writing. And then not writing them because I get easily distracted.


It's been over 8 years since the portal to Equestria closed forever, and Sunset Shimmer is doing better than ever.

A snippet I dug up from my archives, stripped of context, and posted as a tribute to lost potential.

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A battered journal, cover marked with three purple stars. Within lies documented a mare's decent into madness.

Twilight Velvet is a struggling author, attempting to escape a bout of writer's block. In dreams of a shadowy city outside of comprehension, she finds her muse; inspiration that blossoms into obsession.

But from whence does this obsession spring? Her own mind, or somewhere more sinister? What is the truth of the city bathed in shadow, and its mysterious master?

An entry in the Ancestral Tribute contest.

Thanks to the lovely Roxy, as well as ScatteredStarlight413 and ScienceNova, for pre-reading.

Cover art generated with Craiyon, because dreamlike landscapes that don't make sense are just about the only good use for AI art.

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In her dreams, Moondancer is a unicorn.

In her dreams, in the magical land of Equestria, Moondancer has a girlfriend. Her name is Sunset Shimmer, and she's smart, talented, confident, and kind.

In her dreams, Moondancer knows what it's like to love, and to be loved.

The worst part about a good dream is waking up.

An entry in the May Pairings 2022 Contest. Loosely inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, but has no relation to it. (By 'inspired by' I mean 'inspired by the vibes I got while binging it on my phone through the night'.)

(Minor CWs: A brief mention of non-sexual nudity and an allusion to suicidal thoughts. Neither of these elements are present enough to justify full warning tags, at least in my opinion, but they are there and I get anxious about not warning people, just in case.)

Cover art by the fantastic MemPrices! Please check them out, they do great work.

Thanks to Roxylalolcat and SigmasonicX for pre-reading and editing.

Edit: Featured for... some period of time? Like, two days or so I think? It may have been at the top or maybe it was kept off by a clopfic, I don't remember but apparently this is something people like to keep track of, I dunno.

EDIT 2: Now with a reading from Rainbow Infinity, which can be found here!

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Deep within long forgotten shelves in the Royal Archives, Page Turner makes a bizarre and inexplicable discovery: A book marked with a strange symbol and her writing pseudonym, containing complete versions of the stories she never found the time to finish. Confused and intrigued, Page sets out to solve the mystery of the impossible tome. Unbeknownst to her, this discovery will set in motion a chain of events that could change not only her life, but the entire world, forever.

Something a little different: Instead of writing the entire story ahead of time, this story is written... basically on the fly, with no real plan. Instead, plot developments will come, mostly, from reader comments and suggestions. This is not, strictly speaking, a comment driven story in the traditional sense; rather, comments will serve as general inspiration for where the story goes next. In making a suggestion, I may decide to only use part of it, or it may inspire me to take a completely different direction. Some things are vaguely plotted out ahead of time, but other than that, it's an attempt to write something by the seat of my pants, to see how it works out. (Tags will be added as they become relevant.)

As a result, don't expect regular updates. There is a good chance this story will go on long hiatuses, or that it will never be completed. There is also a chance it might end up updating extremely quickly, depending entirely on how I feel. Also, because I've never been a fan of drafts, and this is for fun, don't expect this to be the most polished.

As always, thanks to ScatteredStarlight413 and Roxylalolcat for pre-reading this garbage, along with giving me special beta ideas.

Cover art provided by Roxylalolcat as well.

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...and lo, Harmony spread Her Light across the world, and unto us, Her children, so that we should know Her virtues and live in happiness, and may Her Age persevere forevermore...

The Age of Harmony refuses to die. Flurry Heart seeks to kill it.

Heavily inspired by the vibes of Dark Souls.

An entry into FoME's Imposing Sovereigns III contest, with the unusual interpretation of Flurry Heart vs. Perseverance. Hopefully that counts.

Thanks to ScatteredStarlight413, MockingBirb, Roxylalolcat, and Gelatino for various levels of pre-reading and editing.

Cover art courtesy of Roxylalolcat.

(Uh... top of the Mature Off Feature Box and 3rd Place Mature On Feature Box day of posting? Wow. Was not expecting that... Is this the place where I bring that up? People do that, right?)

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Sunny Starscout and her friends brought magic back to all of Equestria. As it turns out, ponies aren't the only ones who benefit from that.

A short G5 story I wrote because I felt like it.
Thanks to Roxylalolcat for pre-reading, and for the cover art.

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Maud Pie is a geology student with super strength and an inability to display emotion. Trixie Lulamoon is a stage magician in possession of a grimoire inhabited by the spirit of a minor demon. Starlight is that demon. They fight crime.

Oh, and also they’re girlfriends. All three of them.

An entry into Bicyclette's StarTrixMaud Shipping Contest, in which it placed 4th.

Special thanks to The Sleepless Beholder, daOtterGuy, and ScatteredStarlight413 for pre-reading.

Now with cover art, thanks to The Sleepless Beholder!

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Sunset Shimmer wants to relax. Rainbow Dash wants everyone to play Garfield Kart: Furious Racing. At least one of them will get what they want.

A tribute to a masterpiece of gaming. The people who inspired this know who they are.

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An Equestria of different kind, twist askew in space and time...
Caught betwixt the day and night, touched by both Sun and Moon light...

Princess Twilight Sparkle has returned, freed from her one thousand year imprisonment and purified of darkness thanks to Celestia and Luna, the new bearers of the ancient Mantle of the Heavens. Now, Princess Twilight seeks their help to undo the wrongs she inflicted on her sister in ancient times, and free Princess Rainbow Dash from her stellar banishment. Will the two sisters be able to reconcile? Or will old wounds run too deep?

An entry in the Reunions: A Swapped Roles Contest (in which it placed 3rd), set in an AU that sprung up fully formed in my mind under the tentative and slightly generic title of "World of Twilight".

Special thanks to ScatteredStarlight413, Neon Icy Wings, and Eikichirou.

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