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Welcome to the Equestria: A World Of Our Own group where we share and talk about anything My Little Pony related. In this group, we can talk and make theories on what Equestria is like that we didn't see in the show!

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Hey im new here

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Welcome and it fine you have work. It's a part of life

Ok I’m back and thank you for the invite.:moustache:

Hello, love to chat guys and gals but right I’m at my work shift, so I’ll be back in awhile. So bye.✌️

This seems like a great group and community,i hope i can help it grow!

Thanks for the invite.

Thanks for the invite.
May I ask why?

Thanks for the invite.

Thank you for the invite

Thank you for the invite!

Thank, I was tired at the time and I didn't notice it

Side note: you might wanna fix the “Comedy” tag so it says “Comedy” and not “Comeby”

Thanks for the invite!

Happy to be a part of this group!

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