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  • 17 weeks
    Story contest: Who Crossed Over My Little Pony? (1/19/22 -- 4/1/22)

    There's a lot of ways we could describe MLP. A passion. A casual interest. The reason why most of us are here and yes, I said most. But ultimately, it's a cartoon. Animation. Still images which change slightly from frame to frame, creating the illusion of movement. And in that, it's one among many. One more example of an art that's been around for over a century. And some of the writers on this site like to take that cartoon and cross it over with other properties.

    All I'm doing is giving you a direction. If you want to enter this contest, then you'll have an extensive choice of IPs to cross over with. Extensive, and... if you do it right, if you're trying to win -- maybe just a little... looney.

    Who Crossed Over My Little Pony? story contest

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  • 18 weeks
    Crackship Contest: 2022 Jan 06 - Mar 03

    commission from the amazing Shaslan


    Hello friends!

    Have you ever read a fic that romantically paired two characters you couldn't imagine ever interacting, much less dating? And then were blown away by how well the author made it work? Well, that is crackships, baby! And that is what this contest will be about, until 2022 March 03.

    Of course, picking two random characters, declaring that they're in love for no discernible reason, and then calling it a day isn't quite what we are looking for!


    Entries will be considered and rated based on a few metrics, including the creativity of every ship, how the ship itself is handled, and the dynamic and characterization.

    Creativity of the Ship

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  • 26 weeks
    Science Fiction Contest! 11 Nov 2021 - 06 Jan 2022

    source: commission from daOtterGuy


    Hello friends!

    I've been doing some thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more works exploring the ramifications of scientific ideas and technological innovations through stories about pastel-colored magic horses?

    Well, that is what this contest is for! Over the next eight weeks, until 2022 January 06, let's write some great science fiction!


    Note that all prize amounts will be sent by PayPal. If you are unable to receive money by PayPal, I, Bicyclette, will try my very best to arrange an alternative that works for you, but please be aware that it may not work out.

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  • 32 weeks
    M/M Shipping Contest! 16 Sep - 11 Nov 2021


    Hello friends!

    It's time to show some love to the many wonderful male characters we have seen throughout the run of our beloved show, and the G5 movie! And what's the best way to do this? By getting them onboard the S.S. Romance, of course!

    So welcome, one and all, to the M/M Shipping Contest! Before November 11, 8PM EDT, your only duty is to take two (or more!) of your favorite stallions (or drakes, or dudes of any species!) to Shiptown. Maybe they're falling in love? Maybe they're saving the world together? Maybe they're facing a tragic separation? In all the forms a story about the love between stallions can take, we are here to celebrate it together.

    Oh, and there are a bunch of prizes, too!

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  • 33 weeks
    Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer Contest (October 1, 2021 to October 28, 2021.)

    We have another contest down the barrel! And it’s some very curious shipping!

    (by nendo)

    Story Theme

    It is about time that Sunset Shimmer gets shipped with the most compelling and complex Equestria Girls villain of all: Sunset Shimmer! That’s right! This is a Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer Shipping Contest!

    What? But How Does That Work?

    In so many ways! Just off the top of my head:

    • Sunset’s originally-human counterpart!
    • Sunset’s demon form as a separate character from her, somehow!
    • Time travel!
    • Magic cloning!
    • Alternate timelines!
    • Changelings!

    Or think of your own, even better way!

    Additional Rules

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  • 35 weeks
    Contest: Generation 5 Bingo Contest!

    As the new generation approaches, some things stay the same. Like contests. Check this one out!

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  • 43 weeks
    StarTrixMaud Shipping Contest! 24 July - 31 August 2021

    We’ve got another live one, folks! ‘Tis the season for competition!

    source: dmann892


    Hello, friends!

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  • 43 weeks
    Cozy Glow Short Story Contest!

    Here’s another contest about everyone’s favorite filly.

    Unless you like Twist or something.

    Greetings! Following the success of the 2020 Cozy Glow Short Story Contest, the Cozy Glow group is happy to announce a new contest for 2021. That so many writers and readers take joy in and adore our precocious Pegasus is not a surprise; rather it’s the lack of canon material released in the interim devoted to this precious, fragile life (given, as we know, such short shrift by the professed “Guardians of Harmony”) that is unexpected.

    And so, please join us once again as we address this disturbing gap in the storyline by celebrating the ambition, courage, and charismatic leadership of the best of all possible fillies, Cozy Glow!

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  • 45 weeks
    The Pillars Shipping Contest

    Source: SkullJooce

    Despite being some of the canonically oldest characters in Friendship Is Magic, there is strangely a lack of stories featuring these characters and romantic endeavors. I believe it’s time to change that! 

    (Me and the gang when we found out there’s barely any shipping material for the Pillars)

    From July 1st to August 1st, I (The Red Parade) will be hosting the Pillars Shipping Contest! 

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  • 51 weeks
    The My Little Pony Renaissance Contest


    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the final grand acts of My Little Pony Generation 4. Generation 5 Is scheduled to be released this coming September 2021 and in order to get ready I (Dezmo) have decided to host a major writing contest in the spirit of the upcoming change in the show.


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Competition » May Pairings Contest 2022! · 3:05am April 28th

Hello everyone!

May is nearly upon us, and with its return comes a celebrated tradition. That’s right: once again, it is time for May Pairings. 

What is the May Pairings Contest?

If you don’t know, the May Pairings contest is all about original, rare, or unique ships that aren’t afraid to explore unique dynamics between characters. This means that stories about Lyra and Bon Bon, Vinyl and Octavia, or Rarity and Twilight wouldn’t qualify. Rather, we want to see stories about Autumn Blaze and Lemon Hearts! Daring Do and Treehugger! Octavia and Applejack! You get the picture.


  1. Your story should feature something that can be argued to be a rare, unique, or original pairing. The pairing does not need to be inherently romantic: student/teacher dynamics for example are fine! If the judges do not believe that your pairing qualifies it will be disqualified. If you aren’t sure, feel free to look around FimFic to get a feel of how popular/not popular a story is. If you still aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to ask!
  2. No OC’s, anon stories, or self-inserts. Stories with unvoiced background ponies are fine.
  3. Human AU’s, EQG, and Comics characters are allowed.
  4. Crossovers are not allowed as we want to focus on MLP shippings. Any other genre is fair game.
  5. Stories of all ratings are allowed: be aware that Mature-rated fics may not rate very highly and may even rate lower if not executed well!
  6. Fetish fics of any kind will not be accepted. We reserve the right to disqualify any story that we feel violates this rule. 
  7. The contest period runs from MAY 1st TO MAY 31st! Stories must be newly published between these dates. If your fic gets stuck in a publication queue please contact the judges! 
  8. One submission is allowed per author. Stories must not be longer than 20k words. There is no minimum word count. 
  9. Collaborations are allowed, however these fics will count as one entry for both authors. It is up to the authors as to how they will split the money if they win. 
  10. Stories must be submitted to the contest folder found here by the deadline to qualify. 

Remember to join the group for updates!

As a quick note: this event is being hosted by a new team of organizers as the original host is no longer on FimFic! I may choose to run things differently compared to years prior.


The prize pool for this contest is $300 total broken down as follows:

$150 for first place.

$100 for second place.

$50 for third place. 

UPDATE: Each judge will also pick an honorable mention to receive $40!

A very big thank you to the sponsors that made this possible!



Howdy, hi! I’m the otter gay guy. I write mostly Flash Sentry being gay with different stallions, pairings that no one would normally write. I have been a judge once before for Bike’s MxM shipping contest and am excited to be a judge for this one! I look forward to everyone’s pairings entries and wish you all the best creative energy to write!

Red Parade

Heyo, I’m Red! You might remember me from Pillars Shipping or Bike’s Crackship Contest, or even HapHazred’s Write an Episode contest from a while ago.  I like original ships so much that I invented one! Ever hear of FiddleDust? It’s great and you should ship it. I also have tons of other ships too: Cheerilee and Meadowbrook, Strawberry Sunrise and Cherry Berry, Spitfire and Daring Do… the list goes on! 


Hello, everypony! I’m Zon, and I mostly write stories that revolve around interesting characters and why they do the things they do. I’ve written a few crackships in my day, but I’m mostly going to be looking for characters who have chemistry with each other, and how they show that. I’ve been a judge for the Pillars Shipping Contest in the past, and that had some great entries, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for this one.


There's no pairing like a rare one, and I love seeing the ways in which different characters' personalities can be explored by pairing them with different personalities. In this contest I'll be looking for writers who write the characters true to themselves while still finding a way to make crazy ships work. Can't wait to see what you all throw at us!


Howdy, all! My name is Mushroom, and I've been in the original pairing scene for a while now - don't believe me? Just check out my profile! I placed as an honorable mention in the past two May Pairing contests and one original pairing speedwrite, and have written plenty of rarepairs outside of contests, too. It's definitely a passion of mine :) This will be my second site-wide contest as a judge - I previously judged for Bike's MxM shipping contest, as well. Super excited to see what everyone brings to the table! Let the writing begin!

Good luck everyone! Make sure to join the group here to submit and contact us with any questions! 

Report Wanderer D · 3,244 views ·
Comments ( 61 )

As a quick update, judges will also be picking honorable mentions! Each honorable mention will receive $40!

Challenge accepted.

I have an idea of what to write:

Sunburst X Pinkie Pie. It could work!

44burn #3 · 3 weeks ago · · 6 ·

Is (EQG) Sunset Shimmer x (FiM) Flash Sentry considered rare?


Yes, with a caveat. Stories that carry out ships like this should do so in a manner where this would make sense in the story. This means that we want original pairings in this contest, if we feel that the story is just two EQG characters together under the disguise of ponies, your fic may not score as well.

I've received a few questions about this already so I will add a clarification to the rules about this.

I always believed (EQG) Flash Sentry, the teenage high schooler, should never be the same character as (FiM) Flash Sentry, the royal guard.

I'm not much of a writer but the idea I had was Sunset Shimmer breaks up with (EQG) Flash Sentry moves back to Equestria and starts dating (FiM) Flash Sentry. With an emphasis on the difference in culture between human and pony.


So long as they are executed and presented distinctly enough!

I wish I didn't have to see these smoothbrain shipping contest in my feed.

Sludge x Trenderhoof x Zephyr Breeze gay polycule here I come!!!

Can each of the characters be from different universes?


Depends who they are. Roseluck and Daring Do for example, sure, but Applejack and Rainbow Dash no.

Why does ur shit keep appearing in my feed I am not following u at all

Wanderer D

5653946 It's a site community announcement. These types of blogs you can block from your settings, the one about the Phishing however is site-wide and you can't opt out. It has nothing to do with following me or not. You're not getting my personal blogs.

This feature has been a known part of the site for well over the seven years or so you've been here.

Okay why bother making a post if someone is retarded enough to click on a link taking them to “fimfiction” and make them sign in again they deserve to lose said account

Wanderer D

5653979 If you don't understand why that was necessary, I don't know if an explanation here, in a blog where it's not relevant will help, but I'll try my best:

Because someone was hiding links with seemingly legitimate links to stories "here". An account lost that way, was a tool to have more phishing posts and comments around the site, increasing the chance of others falling for it, until eventually they might hit someone you know and trust enough to "check out" what they mean. You might not fall for it.. but you might. Creating awareness is about preventing these issues from reaching that point. You don't get a vaccine to cure you when you're already sick, you get a vaccine to prevent you getting there in the first place, even if there's a chance you might never get infected.

Is Tempest and Neighsay considered 🤦🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️
And I'm tho only one who writes those :rainbowderp:

Looking forward to seeing great works.

Hype train rolling! I can't wait to dig in and see what everyone comes up with this year :twilightsmile:

Not sure if I'll ever do anything with it, but... would a trio relationship qualify for this contest? And by trio, I mean "Married stallion/mare couple learn another mare had a foal from a one-night stand with the stallion some years ago, long before he married or was even exclusive with his future wife, and both respond (after the stallion confirms his wife is okay with it) by gradually developing a friendship and ultimately romance with said mare, ultimately accepting her into their marriage as a third full member".

If not, I'll just set this idea aside for possible future development.

Yay, Shaslan's a judge!

Aw, I'm glad you're excited! Hope you enter and I can read something from you!


Ultimately this should be about a pairing between two ponies. So I'd say polycules are fine, but the focus should be on a specific pairing to make sure we're judging everyone on the same terms. Should you also want to do a polycule, keep in mind we still want unique pairings. So if you did say Cadence and Shining Armor with say Starlight at the third it might not perform as well if the story is focused mostly on Cadence and Shining.

Omg-! Squee, you replied! Sorry, I'm just SO happy right now! You made my year!!! :twilightblush:

I may try to enter this, this did shown up in my feed after all and I really should get more lesbian pairings out there. Question. Is only Gen 4 being considered? Would Gen 5 be allowed? There hasn't exactly been many characters in it so far and I'm pretty sure any pairings among the Mane 5 (like Sunny and Izzy) would not be rare.

I'm thinking about entering, I'll see if I can finish a story in time for it. I do have a queston regarding something though.

In point one, it's briefly mentioned that the pairing(s) doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, example given being "student/teacher". Does this mean I can write about any type of relationship, only provided that the pairing is rare enough to qualify? For example, Nurse Redheart and some other pony/creature in a doctor/patient dynamic or a wacky hijink between two or more characters not often seen together. Asking so I can be sure any entry I might write could qualify if I do find something to write about

That would be fine. The main purpose is to create a pairing between two characters that wouldn't normally be seen together. The nature of that relationship is more open to different possibilities. The two examples you gave would be fine.

That being said, do keep in mind it is a pairing so the story should be tightly focused on two specific characters.


Gen 5 is perfectly fine to use, however, you are correct in that the mane 5 would not be considered rare pairs at this point in time.

Me finding the contest interesting: 😄
Me finding that there's prize money: 🤧

Is there a chapter limit?

All right. Going to just set the idea aside for now then.

This will get interesting… . Sweet!


No, only a word count limit!

Posh #35 · 3 weeks ago · · ·


POV: You don't have a bank account


Well prizes can be donated to a charity of your choice or redistributed should you win. We can work something out if it comes to that!

Can you talk a bit about the judging process please?

Will every entry be read by every judge? Will every story receive a review from at least one judge? What criteria are the stories being judged on and what weight is given to each of those aspects?

I'm really glad to see this contest is back, it was always my favourite.


Primarily fics will be evaluated on how well the pairing worked together, how creative the pairing is, characterizations of any important characters, the plot and idea of the story, and overall writing quality. The judges will evaluate entries based on these criteria and decide on a winner we feel performs well in each category.

I will personally make my feedback for each story available upon request but I can't promise any of the other judges will do the same as I respect their time and commitment to the contest and don't want to hold them to anything beyond that.

Dammit, something popped in my mind as soon as I saw the restrictions, which is probably going to haunt me if I don't try it out, as usual.

Best of luck to everyone entering. :twilightsmile:

Count me in, baby! I'm dying to participate!

I have an idea for this, but it will require a crossover between G4 and G5, will this be allowed? It will relate to time travel that links the 2 together and will be Pinkie X Izzy Moonbow and it will be a clopfic, if this is all allowed then I am inclined to participate in this.


G4 and G5 crossovers are allowed!

Per the rules post:

  1. Stories of all ratings are allowed: be aware that Mature-rated fics may not rate very highly and may even rate lower if not executed well!
  2. Fetish fics of any kind will not be accepted. We reserve the right to disqualify any story that we feel violates this rule.

Idk how people get chosen as judges

Do they volunteer or were they randomly chosen 🤔

Can I do G4+ G5 ships?

You have the patience of a saint.

Looking forward to checking out the entries.

If some of you guys are interested but don't have any pair idea here are some from me.

Discord x Starswirl

The crackiest ship if you asked me, I got it from DeviantArt's name JackieBloom. Come on, chaos annoyance with old grumpy uptight booked? I want to make one but don't have time because of work...

So whoever wants to do it then good luck then and make sure to have a break time too!

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