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16th most stories of all groups! And one of the oldest too... it's Dark!

Welcome, all fans of dark fiction, share your stories here! Entertain me, would you?

(this group is the 72nd group ever created... I created it on the day the feature came out in 2012, and I thought it was for privately organising your library... so here we are, one of the most popular groups on the site, created purely by accident... :twilightsheepish:)

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No such thing as too dark. Only regular dark and fun dark MURAHAHAHA.

Oh, I think that's fine. Should be allowed in.

Ok. In one of my fics, there's a scene where one of the protagonists sentences someone to her death after beating her, and is applauded for it by the town.

How dark is too dark?

I'm certainly one foe a nice good dark and gory horror film, :raritywink: and my story does have a dark and gore tag in it so...yeah:twilightblush:. Count me in:scootangel:!

I will...

*Sits in the corner and reads*

Pm me Please, if you dont mind, your thoughts. Or better yet, post it in the comments!

I will...

*Slowly walks away*

Hope you like It, enjoy friend.


As a warning, the story doesn't start off dark. It progresses into disturbing territory throughout the chapters, evolving with the characters.

Oh? Would you link it, por favor?

There is. My story is rather dark.

I would recommend going to group that is for OC's, rather than Dark stories.

Unless there is a particular reason that you posted this here...

I'm new to writing fanfiction, but I wanted to share my oc with everypony. If you wouldn't mind giving my story a chance, could you give it a read? It would mean a lot.
I hope you like it.

Just updated my story A New Moon is Rising. Features the New Lunar Republic fighting The Solar Empire.
I do so love that trope.

Somepony please help me!! My account was deleted for not logging in for too long. :raritydespair:
I'm looking for a story I just can't seem to find...
It was about Lyra/BonBon and it starts off that she is a hermit/NEET that never leaves her house and she cuts herself (several cuts specifically if I remember right) I also remember something about a lake and there was also a second part/story to it. The story (at least the first story/part) is years old. PLEASE help me. It'd mean a lot.

Dream come true! I am currently writing “My ITtle Pony”.

  • Viewing 174 - 193 of 193
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