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16th most stories of all groups! And one of the oldest too... it's Dark!

Welcome, all fans of dark fiction, share your stories here! Entertain me, would you?

(this group is the 72nd group ever created... I created it on the day the feature came out in 2012, and I thought it was for privately organising your library... so here we are, one of the most popular groups on the site, created purely by accident... :twilightsheepish:)

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I just wrote my first story and it's really fun and violent! If anyone wants to check out a poor mare having a really really bad time feel free to read it~

hey, I've always been a fan of the grim dark and mysteries delivered in story format, I mean a lot of people I know think I'm weird cause I watch horror movies for fun, this ain't nothin different, I've always liked fanfics and horror, mix those with your favorite tv show and bam, we get this. love it

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hello!! i love writing unnecessarily dark shit, usually about murder and torture. went ahead and joined to hopefully promote my stories to the right crowd, cus aha most people on the front page dont like gore :rainbowwild:

Hello, I'm a brony writer who's trying to branch out to different genres. I'm also a big fan of horror movies.

Hello all,

I'm a writer/poet who experiments in the verse novel format (a cross between poem and narrative fiction).

It is a little different but then I enjoy it and would like to share it with you. I hope you consider giving it a chance :)

I've pasted a link to my adaptation of the Cough in Verse below. It is written in mostly iambic pentameter rhyming lines.

The Cough in Verse

Its nice to meet everypony! Im new here and you should expect some stories from meh!

no, but thanks!!I found someone to look at it.

Still need help?

hey, I'm doing a horror story of how the mane 6 would have died if they where young. this is kinda based off of some speedpaint videos made by the same creator blits azalis dash. could one of you reread it for me and help me publish my chapters for this story?


If y'all don't mind, I could use some pre-reading on a story of mine! :twilightsheepish:

EOur Day in Disdain
Rainbow Dash is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.
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I am currently working on a slasher story about where a pegasus applies for a job at a grocery store in Manehattan, and falls in love with another employee. But things start turning out deadly!

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/468327/the-creeper I created a unique horror story and I think this is the right way to post it I just put out a new chapter today please leave me your feed back if you read it or tell me if this is the wrong way to post it

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So I'm making a story about The pony of Death

Get ready...

I have just joined the group and posted my early-in-development story to the unappreciated folder. Hopefully, that's about right.

Hey, I've been gone for ages, and don't really know the group system. I'm looking for a home for my new(ish) story and hoping here would be a place to share it. I have two parts up so far. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/436749/shatter-storm

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