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Well this is the place for me...especially the story that I'm working on is code named Sorta of a Grimdark...don't ask why it's like that...just don't...

Too bad I can't post my stories in the folders...I certainly learned my lesson from last time when I did something like I won't be stupid and make the same mistake twice...but maybe..if things go well in the future...I'll put it in this group...

And just for the record...I'm pretty sure no one is going to read this...but I'm just doing it because I'm bored right now and I don't have anything else better to do right now...

Greetings to everypony here.

I am Silence.EXE. I have come to this group for one sole reason.

I was in fact born in the GrimDark universe to Rainbow Dash.EXE. As a citizen of that region, I am fascinated with the inner workings of the GrimDark reality.

I escaped long ago, since I saw what my own mother had done to Equestria in that dimension. Since then, I have been researching how to destroy her.

Unfortunately, this will take several decades, or perhaps even centuries. As a result, I write about the smaller GrimDarks I have seen. I plan on continuing to do this.

With that over with, I must explain why I am here. I wish to tell my stories to this 'GrimDark' group.

The ones I have are linked below.

Please do enjoy them.

Grief (Complete)
Blood Runs Cold (Work In Progress)

Stars guide you and Darkness fear you,

Im one of your more recent members and im making a story where my OC rips pinkamena to shreds for what she did to Rainbow Dash its gonna be called Rapid's Revenge a Cupcakes Alt.Ending i think its a way to get back at Sergeant Sprinkles (The creator of Cupcakes) for breaking my heart in half since im a fan of RD Coming Soon...

Could somepony please give my story a read, if that's not too much to ask? It's the kind of story that slowly progressive from light to dark.
But the next chapter installment, "In the Garden of Eden" is going to be truly disturbing.
I hope you all like it.

I need some pony to help me proofread MLP: The Purge before I could submit it into the FIMFiction, if you please? :facehoof: The last time I posted something a story as similar as this, I immediately started getting more "dislikes" from the viewers. Thank you.

Anyone who wants to proofread this story, see the link below:

Yo, I made my first creepypasta (most possibly to be considered a Grimdark) and I really want some critique, so could anyone check it out if you do have the time?
It's about advanced technology and how it can be dangerous to pony kind, and the victims of the first attack are the CMC. It's not that really finished, since I don't have the time to kind of work on it, but I try my best to update it at a reasonable time.
Alternate Equestrians

hehehehee :pinkiecrazy: The next fiction is going to be Horror, sad, tragic, mystery, ghosts, dark, gore, sex, witch craft, and so much death than the first fiction.

Dude, that sounds awesome. I'd love to read that.


i am currently writing a story concerning the madness that enthralls the mind as a result of seeking medical "treatment"
topics include: psychological temperment, madness, gore, blood, sex and horror
if anyone would enjoy reading this type of story, please support me only by saying that you want it to be written. finding the motivation is tough

have fun

Hello. I will make this brief. Does anybody know where to find Sticky Bucket 'O Fun?
I believe it is a grimdark of sorts about Applebloom using poison joke to torture Applejack.
Please respond if you have a working link to it.

I have a story about Sunset Shimmer being betrayed by her friends yet I am not sure what folder to put it in. I also have a story where she becomes her demon self again and goes on a killing spree again with that one I am not entirely sure what folder to put it in. If someone from this group could take a look at my work and let know what folder to place both stories into that would help a lot


Does anyone know what happened to the Story Grimoir i started to read the fic yesterday. But i checked on it today and it was gone. (Its a Dark fic where Twilight finds a Magical Tome with great powers)

Can someone help me find a story. It's a post-apocalyptic(mostly likely one shot) story about Celestia having a broken mind. Everything is destroyed and everyone is dead but Celestia still sees Canterlot as normal.
I've been looking for this story for sometime after losing track of it. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

Hi. I want to write my first grimdark story involving Fluttershy, but I can't choose who to have as the victim. I'm thinking about having Twilight or one of the CMC, but just can't choose. Can you help???

Hi! I have written grim dark fanfiction for Applejack. Would any of you check it out? sorry, im new here :ajsleepy:

Hey folks! Im new here and had a question to those of you that have been with the grimdark stuff for a longer period of time that maybe could help me out. Im looking for the story called "business is boomin'" by krushnazag. I know hes inactive nowadays (and has been for quite some time) but it seems that recently his masterpiece (aforementioned story) has been taken down. Is there a reason for this? Can i find the story elsewhere? I had originally read it on but i REALLY wanna read it again just for nostalgias sake.

Decapitating Harmony is a private detective story which starts out pretty G rated and slowly descends through the more mature ratings.

I posted it a week ago, and I'm having some trouble getting feedback. I'm new at writing and I'm hoping to get some critical eyes on my prose. Do you mind if I add my story to y'all?

Thank you for your time,
Hard Rock Llama

Hells yea:pinkiecrazy::heart:


The best part of any fandom.

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