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Do any of you know? · 6:03am Jan 15th, 2022

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a certain story that I am looking for?

The cover art has a Anthro version of Princess Twilight Sparkle held by the throat by an Anthro version of Midnight Moon.

The reason I wanted to find this story is I wanted to talk to the artist of that cover art and see how much they charge for commissions.

The commission would be a diagram of my O.C's character Angelic's armor and tools and equipment.

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What do you think about 52 card deck standard playing cards?

I like them they make it easy to keep track of hit points and who goes first vs who goes last

What do you think about dice (6 sided numbered cubes used for games)?

it sucks big time because its hard to clean it and even hard to keep it from getting dirty again

What do you think about dirty water?

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