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Do any of you know? · 6:03am January 15th

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a certain story that I am looking for?

The cover art has a Anthro version of Princess Twilight Sparkle held by the throat by an Anthro version of Midnight Moon.

The reason I wanted to find this story is I wanted to talk to the artist of that cover art and see how much they charge for commissions.

The commission would be a diagram of my O.C's character Angelic's armor and tools and equipment.

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I saw both shows while I was growing up I loved both of them though there were a few episodes of both shows that I didn't like due to how slow they where to get to the finish of the episode

What about Talespin and/or Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers?

I grew up during the 1990's they had all sorts of cool tv shows like Spiderman, she-hulk, fantastic four, darkwing duck the 1990's were pretty awesome

What do you think about the 1990s?

I wasn't born then but from what I have seen 1970 had a few good movies and some good music

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