Are YOU tired of being insulted for your hard work by readers who can't bother to tell you how to improve? Then get your citizenship in the Peoples Republic Of The Bottom Of The Barrel. We will not insult you for your hard work, if we dislike it we will tell you how to improve. Each four months, we elect the president of the Peoples republic. The president is the only admin and he has the power to make anyone he likes a contributor.

ELECTIONS SOON... PM me for more details!

Now for the oath of the Peoples Republic!
No matter how bad
No matter how sad
We will show respect
And it will have an effect.

Insulting authors will not be tolerated and you will be banned temporarily.
We try our best to make the authors of poor quality stories feel like they accomplished something despite their dislike amount. Anyone who does not do that will be banned temporarily.
No bashing on people in the threads.

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Maybe you’ll listen to criticism now

I rather like this group.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Sep 27th, 2018

401950 Interesting. No Flashlight. Huh.

This group seems cool. I'll join and see if I can find some decent fictions to read. :pinkiesmile:
Just as a blind guess, are some of the stories in here of a Flashlight ship nature? In which case, I feel for the authors and all the crap they get from the rest of the fanbase. :raritydespair:

Yes, you can share stories that you didn't make but you think have unneeded hate to this group.

I was thinking more about other authors. Most of my stories are pretty well-liked (except for one, but I know where those dislikes came from >_>). I'm more interested in helping those I can improve and was making sure I understood the rules correctly.

It can be used for liked stories that need constructive criticism. But there must still be a lot of unwanted hate despite a high amount of likes.

Are we allowed to use this group as an avenue for constructive criticism or is it strictly for heavily-disliked stories that need da lubz?


Hi, Mist Shaker here, but you all can call me Mist for short, as I would prefer it, but that is if you want to.

Anyway, there have been a few fic's that I have been working on that have gotten some nasty reviews and I do not like it all that much, but I won't stop trying.

That said, what motivates you to keep writing?

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