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I'm finally starting my first book yaa can use as much help as can get so if you have any good ideas for Tavi Wub Me here the discribtion "Octavia and Vinyl always secretly love each other but when their around each other they act like mortal enemy's because of their family history. Now off to College they are forced to share a dorm together. How long will their secrets remain" so if u got ideas related to that contact me

ImJustAnotherBrony is being difficult again. Annoying as he may be, he writes good stuff, so I guess we can put up with some of his crazy artiste craziness. His latest antic is here, An update to his awesome story about our favorite pony pair, Like Music.... Except it's not actually an update. It's only 34 words, and is either a plea for attention, or his looking for an excuse to can this, and write easy, bland clop. If the latter, Don't let him! Post a comment. If the former, I suppose we might as well indulge him, so post a comment.

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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