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An attempt at a collection of the numerous and wonderful fics featuring Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. Most are tagged at least Slice of Life and/or Romantic. Fics are loosely organized by Completion and Maturity. Not a story dump, imaginary minimum rating/length/reading requirements arbitrarily set. Despite many well-written and emotional stories involving Tragedy and Dark storylines, for the purposes of this group I have not opted to include most stories that don't have happy-ish endings. I like happy-ish endings.

Updated sometimes... >.>

Also, everyone should have the ability to add new stories to each category -- as I'm not a wholly regular updater. :/ Please use your best judgement of what story fits what category and whether it's worth everyone's time!

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302108 do not worry comrade they are:raritywink:

Most of the stories is about Tavii x Vinyl. Eh still good though. Just joined. :ajsmug::heart:

I've been writing a Vinyl and Octavia fic, but I've haven't finished writing it yet.


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Yo just wanted to say hi :moustache:

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and thank you (though it's rather late for this) for not only having this group for the BEST PONIES EVER, but for also adding my little story (Changin' Hooves) here. That's all, cheers!

Whats up my peeps!

100th member. #bitchswerve

Just an update here guys
The West is Not Enough is a finished story now and the author has added the first two chapters of the next story in the series
When the Curtain Falls

So what do I need to get my story added to this?

i want my ponys :applecry:. and vinyl and octia to be friends :twilightsheepish:

ImJustAnotherBrony is being difficult again. Annoying as he may be, he writes good stuff, so I guess we can put up with some of his crazy artiste craziness. His latest antic is here, An update to his awesome story about our favorite pony pair, Like Music.... Except it's not actually an update. It's only 34 words, and is either a plea for attention, or his looking for an excuse to can this, and write easy, bland clop. If the latter, Don't let him! Post a comment. If the former, I suppose we might as well indulge him, so post a comment.

More Octavia and Vinyl!!!! YAY!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Nice nice, things are getting updated here? I do like that!:yay:

Like SinisterBronyz said, this really is the most complete collection out there!

This is the most complete Vinyl/Octavia So I joined! Keep it up! :twilightblush:

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