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The way to do that is Natural Horsemanship. Don't fall into the trap of 'Riding Schools' They are a trap =P Turst me, I've been there. They're just like 'Dance Schools' Find a good teacher who really knows horses, who can build that connection, watch them, and learn from them. And be willing to learn from your horse. Many people aren't.

That's what I want to get into the most: just building a solid, lasting relationship with horses. I'm enamored with how the Bedouins train Arabian horses, and the bond they share with them. Simply amazing.


The cool thing is that Natural Horsemanship is not discipline specific. Pat Parelli, the best known NH guru is a western rodeo cowboy with a big handlebar mustache, and his wife started in dressage. I'm comfortable with western and english tack, but because I don't do any regular sporting events like barrel racing or show jumping or the like, I do most of my riding bare back.
When I first started taking 'riding lessons' that's all it was. Just riding. I'd put the tack on the horse, get on, ride, get off, put it in the pasture or stall and that was pretty much it. Then I found NH and learned how insignificant 'riding' is. Riding is gerat fun! but the foundation of a great relationship with a horse is best built on the ground, doing the kind of things in those videos. NH isn't about which piece of tack you use, or what you call things, it's about learning how horses think, and how to interact with them as living creatures, as partners instead of vehicles.


NH is the only way to go.

This is epic win, because that's the abbreviation for the state I live in. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm planning on taking lessons in the Western discipline, since it's what I've always been interested in, and after doing some research (and reading Horseback Riding For Dummies), it's the easiest and more comfortable discipline to learn. Although I have to admit, I would like to learn to ride in the hunt seat and compete in dressage events, I'll stick with the simple stuff first.

I want a horse that does this, just because it's absolutely funny and adorable:

What do you get when you're too pore to ride a mule, and too proud to ride a cow?

One of these :scootangel:

I grew up with an appaloosa named Attila, aka Moose Mug. I've never met a horse with who had bigger lips than he did.

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