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I would like to establish a group for Mary Sue, since everyone needs a friend. Also, though, I read a comment that gave me an idea.

HopeFox, wishes to write a story. Well I am happy, Mary will soon be learning lessons of friendship that she never knew, but that poses another question.

Do you have a story about Mary?

Romance, comedy, tragedy? I wish to make this group for those who wish to follow Mary, in her life.

As you, the Authors of the site, spin tails of wonderment for Mary.

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I one time made a OC, and man, I made her perfect in any way until I found out what Mary Sues were so
I guess I'll join this and write a story about her XD :rainbowlaugh:

read the discription

joined instantly

Youcan use the pics and concept art from the main stories
I am sure IzanagiSinX Would like it

Anyone got any Mary Sue pics I can use for my story?

...Y'know, despite the concepts and stereotypes, I... Y'know, I'm almost glad I joined this group...

I don't know if I'll ever contribute anything, but I just wanted to say that I believe in this.

Interesting concept. I wonder, will the amount of positive reinforcement for Mary overcome the continuous flow of negative? The deficit is strong but only time will tell.

I like this idea.

Haha, the friends have been doubled! :yay:

joined, i hope that Clea Sara will be good for Mary.

More friends for Mary!

my natural instinct is to hate her but i just cant

Why did I join this group? I don't even now. But I did.

Thank you for making this group. I really like the character you created, and I like the idea of positive stories showing depth to a powerful character. I feel like the mane 6 are all better than other ponies in their own ways, and it would be interesting to explore how they would feel when they finally got one upped.

Well, I guess I have to write that story, now!

Next to L&T, this group is what the mlp fandom should be more like.:heart:

can't wait to draw more of her. ever since the ending of the first fic i felt some kind of attachment
if that makes sense :twilightsheepish:

291225 Go right ahead. I encourage everyone too.

So you can seriously write stories about Mary? No copyright problems or anything?!:pinkiegasp:

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