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I dont know anything about anything so please no one be super offended by this.
I dont know if you're still out there, user, but in any case i wish you the absolute best, may this be a prayer to you. Wherever you are, i hope you are well and I hope you know the happiness your work brings.

Before I get into my comment,yes I have finished reading the Poking Pinkie story (*SPOILER* well up to Frosts Death anyways) and yes I did read your hidden messages in that clopfic,and I hope your not dead
all I wanna now is,why all the early retcons?
I will accept that Pinkies cuz'ns foresaw his death,but I'm just a lil upset that there were ALOT of strings untied
Please Be Ok Mate <3

King, wherever you are, and however you are, I hope you are okay. I hope you know your fans are waiting for your glorious return. I hope that you got rid of that horrible cancer. Please come back.

Didn't KoS use to have a shit load more stories, like Mary Sue? What happened to that?

  • Viewing 221 - 225 of 225
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