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Derpy becomes a host. She used to work at Sugercube Corner. There cant be that much of a difference... right?

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First one to tell you that this story is absolutely amazing!! Bravo, sir! :pinkiehappy:

Thank god this is back up.

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Yay. I was worried I had imagined this story existed there for awhile. Glad to see it return.

As I said the first time this was up, I love that whole rainbow colored Fabulous line at the end. I have to read it out loud every time to get it right.

Hmmm.. this could have potential, please continue.

Ummm... All I can think of is"Ouran High School Host Club" after reading this.

1292141 I hope so, since that is where I got the basis from it, well sort of, I research host clubs then stumbled on the high school anime.
1292129 I do Plan on it thank you.
1290680 Thank you, it has missed you too
1289735 THank you its back up, im glad you saved the back ups.
1289398 Chain you so Silly

Approaching Shitstorm!

Oh man, that amulet must have special attractiveness powers or something. Must be a lot sad, lonely mares who can't get a date.

1298652 No its not magical lol, its just a neckalce that is only worn by PHC members promise.
1294825 The shit has yet to hit the fan lol
1294222 Thank its filled with D,AWWWW moments

glad I'm not the only one who thought that- *sees who it is* oh! hey! no wonder xD

Oh, this isn't an Ouran crossover.

By the way, Derpy's a mare so it should be "hostess"

1300378 Its host ^_^ and no its not a cross over, i basically jacked the title.
1298939 Well now i want a cookie

Yay, I cant wait to read more, I hope theres another chapter soon.

You had me at Host Club :pinkiehappy:
You had "your way with me' at FABULOUS :raritystarry:

"Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head... hush now, quiet now, it's time to go to bed..."
noooo must not imagen in fluttershys voice.... cant resttwEGF ADVSKK,BGFdsb,,adgsbbf(snoring/faceplant on keyboard) hfas kfbvhasfdaqb fhq :ajsleepy:

I betting Derpy get really popular, really fast.


I just got trolled.


But srly though, I think you have done a wonderful job so far with the story. Thanks for writing and updating.

.... Where is the throttle the author button? Ah well, at least that means there will be an actual chapter tomorrow.

On another note, that was actually kind of funny.

BEST ENDING EVER!!! :flutterrage: Looking forward to the ACTUAL chapter, you dirty, dirty squirrel. :rainbowlaugh:

ME: ok i guess I'll just check my e-mail before i got to bed.... :applejackunsure:
*checks e-mail....*
ME: OMG IT UPDATED!!!! YUSSSSSSS!!!!! :pinkiehappy:
*clicks link and reads*
ME: WHAT!!??? :twilightangry2: awwwwww...
*keeps reading*
ME: Wait, theres going to be an actual one up tomarrow???? YUSSSSSSS!!!! :pinkiehappy:

:flutterrage: WAAAAAT???!!!!!

...Oh. :derpytongue2: This evening? *sighs* Fiiiiiiiine. :twilightangry2: I will wait. :fluttercry:

That was actually pretty funny. :pinkiesmile:

Dash, take note. Derpy is luring all the ladies away.

1402942 Pfft Dash got nothing on Derpy, im a little worried i think there are some grammar mistakes in there.
1399829 I was hoping you laugh
1399536 The next one is out, don't worry.
1397643 It really is the best ending ever

The grammar is an eensy bit spotty in places, but it isn't really noticable. I really liked this chapter! :pinkiesmile: Dinky and Derpy are the cutest mom and filly ever!

Lol, Derpy is stealing all the ladies away. :derpytongue2:

And if you ever need an editor, I'm willing and able :pinkiehappy:

107 new chapters of stories to read, 107 new chapters! you click on one, laugh and have fun 106 new chapters to read.
no but in all seriousness i went on a week holiday. i now gots 106 stories to read. meh atleast luna will have sompony to accompany her nights.
now on a more story related note
ahem (clears throat) BUSTED

1428009 Thank you ^_^ there is more to come
1412324 I wonder where i can pick up a copy of that magazine for myself
1411756 I have implamented a new system for my self editing, it proven to take out 95% of normal errors

I know right!
Silver: sports equestriated ...... wet mane edition.... i.neoseeker.com/mgv/574321-Liege/321/99/megusta_display.png
Me: ok .... well thats wierd anywa- silver! whats that!
Silver: nothing nothing!
Me: you sneaky dog .... you got a weekly subscription to that magazene!
Silver: .........
Me: .... im jelly.....
Silver:.... *opens a cuboard to reveaal a massive stack of em*
ME:....Silver:.... i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/208/064/dashGusta.jpg

Me:... hay wait a second... silver arnt you supposed to be a molestia's?
Silver: yeah well i struck a deal
Me: whats that?
Silver: youll see.....
Me: ... ok im scared now
SIlver: (dramatic evil smile)

1403024 Yes you have many grammer and spelling errors which is disappointing but can be corrected and I laughed my ass off when Aloe was caught....huh, Dinky and Featherweight huh? Shit, I'm down.:pinkiehappy:

I am loving this story already. Analysis time:

Wonderful story telling +1

Your depiction of Ms. Derpy and her new found "beauty" is quite vivid and makes the story. Its very easy to see derpy as beautiful and see past her eyes
--> :derpyderp1: .

Derpy is still a bit innocent to the effect she has now on mares, and possibly stallions alike (that she doesn't work with). Which can be attributed to her slight slowness (I am similarly slow with some things). Does it have to do with the necklace?

Dinky being self sufficient and uncaring is quite wonderful making Derpy/Dinky a lovely Mother/Daughter relationship.

On terms of Tails, He is quite... Interesting. Not much to say about him, though i am wondering about why he is insistent on being called "mother". a host club thing? I dunno I've never been to one.

Ruby came of firstly to me as a bit of standoffish, but after seeing him with his niece it shows that he really is a loving and at least semi-family oriented.

Dinky's father/ Derpy's husband, is obviously well cherished by both of them. eliciting strong emotions from Derpy. Dinky as a child does not completely understand the point of Death but she seems to see him more as just "gone" instead of "dead" considering she wants to go visit because he may feel lonely. Which is perfectly normal and natural and is something that I really do give a +1 towards.

The Cherilee/Derpy moment really shows how smart Derpy is; apparently showing Cherilee an outside view of her actions to bring closure and solution to bitterness Cherilee had pent up.

Something that made me laugh was the muffin sharing moment. The scene you depicted made him look and sound so menacing and angry, I loved the detail.

The story in its entirety is quite amazing and walks a nice line that will take Derpy in a new direction showing shes more capable than just the butt of jokes as well as an amazingly smart pony all around.

My analyses are with good intentions always, I do not mean to upset anyone.


I'm confused. Black Star and Blue Moon refer to Tidy Tails as "mother," yet he's a stallion...

So, anyway, this is pretty interesting. There's a few grammatical errors here and there, but... well, to be perfectly honest, I don't like being the guy that points those things out, unless they're really bad errors, which none of them really are. But I think you might want to consider having an editor for your stories.

Miss Cheerilee, however, shut the curtains of the tiny school room and locked the door. Only sounds of whimpers and moans left the room until about thirty minutes later, when a very satisfied mare left for the day.


...Cheerilee's beginning to scare me...

For some reason tidy tails reminds me of Kyoya:derpytongue2: also because he is called mommy

I would explode into joy for an ouran host club thing, but I don't trust you! I'm watching you.......:rainbowdetermined2:

This is one of the best things I have ever read :pinkiehappy:

"Tidy’s alicorn horn glowed vermillion"


Got bored and remembered this exists. It's still good.

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