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A new shop opens up in Ponyville that sells a hot new product that will give you dreams. Ash a hot shot alchemist and his draconequus assistant Pepper give them the dreams they always wanted, for a price of course.

Ash a recent graduate of the School for Gifted Unicorns follows his dreams of opening his own shop. Baring the talent of magic itself, it was only right that he be judge by high standards that came with it. How will things fare when he finally meets the unicorn he had been compared to his entire life, while constantly falling short being judged as ‘Second Best’.

Pepper loves her father, Ash whom hatched her. Now that she is finally free of the rigorous duties of being his assistant. She wanted nothing more than to go to school for herself. Her goal? To learn, have fun and above all else: make some friends.

Being a creature of chaos though has its draw backs, especially when she meets a certain red stallion that catches her eye.

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The good guy wins and the bad guy loses, cliche, unoriginal, boring. ~ Discord

It has been this way since time and memorial. Although the line between what is good and evil is remarkably thin.

Sometimes there is more going on behind the scenes than what is told in the pages of time.

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The Equine world has four new guests; can Sephiroth, Cloud, Kaze and Makenshi get along long enough to help the Equine Realm before it is destroyed by the threats of the horrors that now seek to harvest it, and the monsters that have been freed from Tartarus? Or will they seek to rule this land for themselves?

It goes about as well as you think.

Final Fantasy is owned by Square Enix, MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbo
Cover art by: Fun Kin Chew

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Derpy becomes a host. She used to work at Sugercube Corner. There cant be that much of a difference... right?

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Quill, a story telling minstrel. Set in stone for five hundred years, his good name taken. Set free by accident by the crusaders now journeys forth on with his great descendant Trixie. What things await this duo as they try to find the pieces of the weapon that destroyed the Crystal Kingdom, as he tries to restore the name of Quill to its former glory.

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