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We here at Author Support have a common goal, and that goal is to support and help out any author that comes our way. A simple task often made to look complicated by the sheer number of threads and people we have. Often times, though, getting help is as simple as rifling through our threads. More likely than not, you'll find just the thread containing the information or service you need.

As it is our purpose to help any author with any conceivable problem, we have well over fifty threads*, all designed and fitted to specific purposes or services often required of authors. From finding ready-made OCs, to guides on how to create your own character, to dialogue, and story ideas. Nearly every subject of writing is at least touched once. We even provide things such as editors, proofreaders, critics, and reviewers.

Of course, we can't help someone who isn't willing to help themselves, and no matter how easy we make it to find the information you need, some effort is required of you to at least find the information. Usually, this is as simple as leaving a comment in a thread, or even just browsing through some already-made comments.

Another purpose of our group, besides helping you as an author, is to be a friendly community to all who come our way. Around here, everyone is treated as an equal, and commenting and conversation amongst members is encouraged. Most of us are nice, patient people who would be more than willing to help you out or just have a conversation.

Browse around, take a gander, do as you will to make yourself comfortable. If ever you have any questions, feel free to message any of the admins. We're more than willing to answer your questions and help you out! :twilightsmile:

*The thread counter next to the message board is wrong; we actually have 56 threads, half as much as is listed.

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Hello, Everyone. I am also new here. I want to write content-based stories. I need help writing a topic like the pros and cons of Canon Pixma TS6220. Suggestions help me a lot.

Hello, I'm new here.

Need some help. I'm writing an EQG story with a focus on action, martial arts, and magic powers, and I was wondering what some good reliable methods for writing fight scenes would be. This is since I don't want a bunch of my chapters to keep describing more or less the same attacks again and again.

Hello there. My name is Archive Gamble author of Fallout Equestria: Strange Circumstances ( my only fic so far) and avid world builder. I have published a small bit of my story and rarely struggle with creating my setting, but getting opinions on how to flesh out all my notes is proving to be difficult.
In other words, I want as much feedback and suggestions on how to approach my writing as possible. If anyone wants help in return then feel free to ask.

Thinking about writing a Skyrim/mlp story but I wanna know if anyone thinks it’s interesting first. Also a editor/proofreader would be nice

Hey there! I'm rather new to fimfiction and would like some support. I hate to ask, (Seriously, my first time asking this) But could you guys maybe check out my account?

Hi! I'm a newbie hoping to write a crossover fanfic between Fallout: Equestria and the first game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Anyone know where I should go from here, or is anyone interested?

I gave myself a challenge to write a story with no chapter shorter than 3k words. I'm very pleased with how it's coming along, but I'd love some feedback.

Hello! Im a new author and I just made my very first fanfic ever! I would love for feedback and critique.

I know you posted this some time ago, but I'm having a similar issue where half of whatever I click on takes me to a "404 - Error" page. Did it clear up for you? Any idea what to do?

I write dark and horror stories.

Um, hi I can't seem to access anything.


Comment posted by Feather Guide deleted Sep 17th, 2017

HI I'n new here, and that's my first fanfic. I want to hear some feedback:

Hi my name is ArtistFire and I'm new here in this group.

Hello everyone.´
I hope It's ok if I ask here an opinion in my third fic. So far, It's my biggest one from three, and I'm "on fire", keeping It updated with new chapters almost everyday literally... or 2 chapters per day...

Tell me what you think then. Thank you! :)

In the description above:

The Writer's Group
Here, once you have published your story, you can shamelessly promote it to the world!

Um... actually, that's explicitly prohibited in the Writer's Group.

My Re-made story

Hello, new member here, I've got little trouble on my first fiction I made so I took it down and start all over. I regret it because I lost my reviews from readers, once I've done revising the old one and resubmit it; I think it would be nice if you could give it a look to see if it's improving.

Thank you guys. :pinkiesmile:

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