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New chapter out soon · 5:01am Aug 10th, 2019

Well, I know its been awhile but I've been working on the next chapter and I just need to proof read it for improper haikus and stuff. So soon things will start to get to the part everyone is waiting for... MareWolves!

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i suspect it happens an eyeroll-inducing amount of times. To which I just added a bit.

:yay: I conformed!

You would be surprised how often I hear that!

Thanks for the watch. :pinkiehappy:

Reading "Dr Freaky is following you" is in no way or form disquieting. Nope. Not at all.

No problem! I’ve read some of your stories before and had meant to already!
Your stuff is great!

Hey, thanks for the follow! I hope you'll continue to enjoy my work. :twilightsmile:

Don’t worry! That was a lot of great advice and most authors would probably give less so thanks!

I have the same problem of drawing things out too long sometimes, but writer's lock isn't usually an issue. The way I do it is to write a few sentences/paragraphs, stop, think about what to write next for a moment or two, then continue again. Barring that I take a thinking shower. You'd be surprised at how much that can help, though it might not be a good idea if you pay for water... if you need to, create an outline of what you want to write. Or think backwards, starting from the end. I use what I've already written to plan out what I'll write next. Try to think about what will logically happen next after a specific event. Other than that... I'm not too sure... sorry in advance if any of this wasn't helpful. :twilightsheepish:

I have a habit of starting a story with a vague idea of what I want and then once I get started I either draw the beginning out until it’s too painful to read or I just get stuck halfway through the first chapter.
I think it’s a mix of writers block and being a little overly corrective.

I can offer some tips, but it depends on what you're getting stuck on. What's blocking you? :unsuresweetie:

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