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Is it Evil? · 1:05pm Sep 22nd, 2017

I know its not really evil but...
I voted to sleep in our guest room with the kitten for awhile and despite it being a little smelly because of it being a stray cat, it seemed fine. Everything was good and i got to play with the extremely friendly kitten for a bit but... it was all fun and games until i tried to go to sleep.

It would not let me get ANY sleep. None. Zero. Absolutely Nothing.

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No problem! I’ve read some of your stories before and had meant to already!
Your stuff is great!

Hey, thanks for the follow! I hope you'll continue to enjoy my work. :twilightsmile:

Don’t worry! That was a lot of great advice and most authors would probably give less so thanks!

I have the same problem of drawing things out too long sometimes, but writer's lock isn't usually an issue. The way I do it is to write a few sentences/paragraphs, stop, think about what to write next for a moment or two, then continue again. Barring that I take a thinking shower. You'd be surprised at how much that can help, though it might not be a good idea if you pay for water... if you need to, create an outline of what you want to write. Or think backwards, starting from the end. I use what I've already written to plan out what I'll write next. Try to think about what will logically happen next after a specific event. Other than that... I'm not too sure... sorry in advance if any of this wasn't helpful. :twilightsheepish:

I have a habit of starting a story with a vague idea of what I want and then once I get started I either draw the beginning out until it’s too painful to read or I just get stuck halfway through the first chapter.
I think it’s a mix of writers block and being a little overly corrective.

I can offer some tips, but it depends on what you're getting stuck on. What's blocking you? :unsuresweetie:

I’ve tried writing before but every time I get started I get stuck and can’t write.
Any tips? Just asking because I have like a dozen different stories but i can’t go anywhere with them.

Thanks for the watch. :pinkiesmile:

Not gonna lie, seeing 'Dr Freaky is watching you' in my notifications made me chuckle a bit.

Thanks for the follow!

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