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Hi there, new to the whole writing thing so don’t judge too much.


We follow a girl who live in a small town in Liverpool, fulfilling her dreams of playing football at the highest level until… Her path took a strange turn as she magically appeared at the magical lands of Equestria.

Chapters (12)
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Seems solid, Can't wait for more

Keep up the good job 👍
You're doing great :)

So I don't know if this is out of nowhere but what happened to her brother?

Imma be honest with you, I've got zero knowledge about football or soccer whatever you wanna call it. One thing I do know however is that this chapter was written really well so you better believe I'm gonna keep sticking around

Pretty cool to have a choose your own adventure deal, but if both choices don't end up in kinda similar ways the whole story could start to loose some of its coherencey.

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