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I just write stuff. That's it. Fan of a bunch of video game series and I mostly write crossovers on games.



Two years have passed since Faith, a skilled runner saved her sister Kate from the clutches of the authorities. During those two years, things have changed. The police forces that were once the City Protection Force were now changed to the private security forces of Pirandello Kruger. More security has been increased and Project Icarus was now active to help provide protection and security. New City, also known as the City, is in complete lockdown, its citizens monitored and oppressed.

For years, Faith and the rest of the Runners hide away from the authorities, still doing deliveries and missions for their contacts in secrecy. With the increase security and higher risks of getting arrested or killed, the Runners are now about to face a new challenge from the arrival of someone...or in this case, somepony.

Rainbow Dash, fastest flyer of all of Equestria, and bearer of the Element of Loyalty, arrives on Earth, in the corrupt government controlled city of New City after a freak accident. When nearly captured by Pirandello Kruger forces, Faith comes to her aid and takes responsibility in looking after her. Together, the two new friends not only go on a mission to find Rainbow Dash a way back to her home, but to liberate the City from the shackles of oppression.

*WARNING! Chapters may contain a few themes of mature language and violence.*

Mirror's Edge belongs to Dice.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 5 )

Before I read this, I must know: What does Faith, Kate and the other runners sound like? I've never played Mirror's Edge so I'm not sure if they have voices or not.


Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with school these past weeks and I didn't really get a chance to reply to your comment. If you really want to know what Faith and the other characters sound like in the original Mirror's Edge, here's a game movie with all the cutscenes in the game. Be warned, if you haven't played Mirror's Edge, I do not recommend you watching the video. But if you are interested in hearing what they sound like, be my guest.

7314308 My favorite game of all time into a fic, thank you for making this sir (Time to read this with my favorite soundtrack from a Video game in the background)

Shame you didn't continue.

Murdock? Quick, break him out of the Psych ward! Face will try something, BA will bring the van around, and Hannibal will cover.

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