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A soldier awakes after an attack on his team and when he does, he finds he is no longer on the battlefield, but in a strange new world: Equestria - To find that he is not the only one that arrived out of his squad.

Whatever will they do?

5/12/13 = The story has been updated and finished completely. The last chapter had been extended, as there was no point adding another, like it says in the last chapter, there will be a second part to it.

The sequel will be coming out eventually, but it will be more intense and more tension will be added, along with more guts and glory!

The new story is expected to be out during some point nearing the end of 2013 and continuing on throughout 2014 from January.

Hope you all enjoyed this book so far! Thanks for the support and acknowledgement everyone! Just wait until you read the second part. - You may be in for a few tears and unsuspected fandom.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 98 )

fine read..you shouldn't space out your words to much, and it seemed to escalate to quickly. id advise you to rewrite the story with more exposition on the characters to give them more depth and give the reader a more emotional connection to them. other wise the story has great potential :twilightsmile:

Well well well

Looks like someone getting a hang of it

The story and plot is good. Just try to expand the story and give a but more detail.

Other than that a like and a fav for me

Alright this fairly good, I see a lot of potential in this.

HOLY CRAP! I made 2 chapters to this and ALREADY it has 16 likes and not far from 200 veiws! :D

I'm a loss for words... javascript:smilie(':heart:');javascript:smilie(':pinkiehappy:');

Wait hold your horses ass

Was there a prequel of this story?

3516662 The story called 'A Hero of War' by Dont Wake The Neighbor.

Bishop was one of my favourite characters and so I decided to put his grandson in it who was named after him.

So there was David Ann Bishop from DWTN's story and then there is Private Ann Bishop from mine.

Yes it sounds confusing and weird. but trust me, I'll get to the point. javascript:smilie(':twilightsmile:');

Is... Is this a sequel to that WWII fic?

3516752 No. Its a modern-day soldier fanfic.

And yes, I get the point of why everyone thinks the same thing. About Bishop.

Its his grandson. The part in the story wasn't all about it, it was just a part of the story.

I wanted to see what I can create making this with parts mixed from other stories such as A Hero of War and some ideas I had not long ago. The result ended up with this story.

At first I thought it was a reference/sequel to my little Dashie, but you sorted it all out.

2 things:
1. Way too much use of the word bishop.
2. Love ? That was rather quick was it not?

3520729 I know, but reference as 'Private' towards Bishop would be a bit weird, would it not? Especially if it was overused.

Secondly: Too soon? Um...yes, but didn't you forget that it is a relative of David Bishop who looks just like him? Its about his look that makes him seem attractive.

the love between Rainbow and Bishop its hardly legit, you needed to add more background 'cause Bishop only knew Dash for a couple of hours

3520739 but what kind of atraction has Bishop towards Rainbow

3520745 Time to sort this out. Won't take long.

3520752 Meh. Sorted. This is the way I alternately planned it to turn out in the end anyway :/

3525525 Thanks for the downer... javascript:smilie(':pinkiesad2:'); javascript:smilie(':fluttershysad:');


no need of ON

They couldn't save Private Ryan...

3543944 Yes. He got mauled by a timber wolf. They found his body in the nearby bushes.

they were GONIG to make an awesome molatove. THE THAT GUY SCREWED IT ALL UP!!!

One question: The birth and death year don't add up

Here lies David Ann Bishop 1949-1989

:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick: I was starting to like Ryan

3567918 In his 40's he was still in war - he entered the army at about mid 30's - and he was taken back by Rainbow to Equestria (like A Hero of War says) and he died in Equestria as a 40 year old from falling to his death from a mountain as he was climbing it with Rainbow one day.

How doesn't it make sense?

The story is escalating too quickly, try slowing everything down a bit. Make the dialogue a little longer at least.

Someone quick get me a "Well that escaltated quickly!" Meme!

well crap fucking diddly do. seriously?!?!?!?! WHEN IM WATCHING HAPPY CHRISTMAS MOVIES?!?!?! A FUCKING MASSACURE?!?!?!?!? RAHHH I HATTTTEEEEE THE TIMBER WOLVES OF EQUIS!!! At least the ones in Alaska can be tamed.

Esculated too quickly you lost me in the last chapter but I'm kind of getting back.

3570669 Yeah, sorry about that. I've been feeling a lot like shit lately, and tend to get ahead of myself.

Also, the chapter isn't the last, it still has work to be done to it, so be patient. I had to stop the editing because it was getting late by time I did the last paragraph, and Tuesday? I wasn't home.

Today, it WILL be extended! :)

-LemonStone A.K.A DashApple

3578223 I was just putting that out there so you could possibly be featured.

3570669 If you like finales, read the last chapter that I edited further.

BECAUSE IT IS DONE! :) :) :) YES!!!!

Second book will be out AFTER XMAS!

Ohhh! I can't wait myself!

3568882 If he was in Germany in 1939 but was born in 1949, there would have to be some sort of time travel and stuff like that involved. Think about it.

3588102 What? There is nothing about that, and he wasn't even in Germany! The story isn't based on that kinda stuff.

He was in a battlefield in modern times, not in Germany.

It isn't a WW2 story, it is modern day story, no time travel involved....

3588087 Yes, but I haven't heard from him in a long time. Why?

3602223 Oh, by the way, did you realize that the sequel is already out?

Read it if ya wanna. Go to my page and look for it.

But hey, if he doesn't reply, maybe I'll let you edit this, Not like it needs it, but show me you are capable first of doing such tasks.

The sequel isn't going well... :(


3515361 I know this is old but...

'Perhaps we should go and see Pinkie Pie so she can fill you in about what's what around here.'

Needs " not '

3602241 Your stories are great! I would've liked them better if the soldiers showed more hostility towards the ponies though.

3633945 Aw. I'm flattered! javascript:smilie(':twilightsmile:');

Thanks for that, but hey, I didn't actually expect THIS many positive feedback from my viewers!

the first day I got back after publishing, it had 16 likes against 6/8 dislikes! I was blown away from it!

3635833 All-in-all I think it was about 7.8/10 The only bad things IMO is the soldiers show hardly any hostility towards the ponies(Except for sarge but thats just annoyance and frustration) It would've been more cool if their first impressions weren't so good. Other than that the end was rushed quite a bit. I liked the idea though. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

3636011 Read the sequel yet? Have a read. Its called Soldiers Never Die

3636147 To be honest, the ending would make me not want to read the sequel. But i'll give it a shot and see what happens, hopefully i'm impressed :twilightsmile:

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