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Jedi Knight Revan Blake has barely managed to escape the clutches of the empire. Order 66 has destroyed the only home and family he has ever known, in desperation Revan gathers what he can of Jedi knowledge and jumps into hyper space. Using the force to guide him, he picks a random system, knowing full well he could run into a sun or a meteor belt.

Trusting the Force, he jumps into hyperspace with the goal of protecting Jedi history and teachings. However, as he travels something goes wrong, some unknown force pulls his ship from hyperspace and makes his freighter crash into the Everfree forest.

Being the only human, the only jedi, the only force user, Celestia offer him a home in the hopes he may find the peace he needs. However, the force awakes, and Revan knows he is the only one who can teach it safely, the only question is, should he?

What unknown path has open up for our young Jedi!

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I saw the name Revan thinkin this was Kotor related.....

I'm sorry, though i did think about it, i rather do my own. The name is in honor of that character, great game, great character.

At least you're giving respect to the best main character unlike a certin mouse.

Good start, I look forward to more.

Star Wars and mlp.
This highly peaks my interest.
I have faith in such a masterpiece so far.
May the Force be with you.

Thank you, i have fun with this one. Already have several ideas where to take it, so i am looking forward to getting to them. May the force be with you, always~

This was a grand chapter, and the droids were amazing! Keep it up!

Thanks! I had fun writing it, I hope the pictures were okay and not distracting. I'm glad you liked it. ^^

Not at all. Infact, if it wasn't for the pictures, I wouldn't have a clue what most things in the story were, mostly the Lightsaber and the Ship. Besides, I plan on featuring pictures in my own Star Wars story when it comes to some later chapters

I like the story so far. Keep up the good work.

I have a feeling this is going to turn into a lame self-insert. The name “Revan Blake” doesn’t do much to change that opinion.

Amazing theory. Normally I would just have looked at the tags to see if it was a self-insert, but meh. Wish I had that sort of insight into others stories ;)

True enough, well sorry you didn't like the story. Can't please everyone, but thank you for taking the time anyway. ^^

Now hold up. I didn’t say I disliked the story. I said I think it will eventually become a lame self-insert. In fact so far I rather do like it. It might be that I’m a huge Star Wars fan or that you seem to have a solid grasp of the source material, but there’s nothing that stands out as bad... again, so far. I’m hoping you’ll subvert my expectations.

Well i'm glad I haven't lost you as a potential reader, and i do hope you will come to enjoy it more as more chapters are released. I can spoil for you however that this is not a self-insert story, if it was I would have tagged it as such. Hope you will read on and find some form of value in the rest of the story, may the force be with you, always. ^^

"Execute order, 66."

I got goosebumps right then and there! Ahhh! This is too good!

Thanks mate, i felt it would be a neat ending to this chapter. Glad you liked it! ^^

Seems you intend to ship him with Celestia. Too bad, never been a fan of Celestia ships to be honest. Not that it ruins the story for me I can certainly tolerate it.

Damn that Palpatine! It’s all his fault! Keep up the good work!

Revan should have just told Discord that the Force was something he could never use, as it requires Balance, something Chaos could never have.

*grins* he’s finally become a Jedi Knight!

Revan from the old Republic era was a Jedi who fell to the dark side, then was redeemed. This Revan is from the clone wars era, not the same, but you would be right ^^

Will he get in contact with any other Jedi though the force

What do we have here, unicorn Twilight. nice.

There's a couple grammatical errors nothing crazy. Other then that a damn fine story that's getting a follow keep it up I'm enjoying it so far!

Can you please point out the errors, English is not my first language so I don't always spot them. If you could send me a message pointing them out I would be really grateful. Other than that, thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far. ^^

I will have to reread it but sure I can point them out for you and for English being a second language you write it very well. Like I said I only noticed 2 maybe three things.

Thank you, even still, if you could point them out I'd be very happy. Only if you have the time of course. ^^

Now we get into the meat of the story. Honestly, I was totally betting on either Rainbow or Applejack being force sensitive. They just seem like the obvious choice.

If the Force is indeed strong in Rainbow Dash, I might suggest that she could be trained as a Jedi. Otherwise, she could turn to the dark side. *sighs* This is a difficult matter indeed...

I feel like all the girls over time will have the force and after some time together Rainbow will want him to train her.....just my thoughts

Master have you felt it?

Yes.... there has been an awakening

I never knew Applejack felt so against this of Rainbow training to be a Jedi. But, it is for the best. As for the dialogue, I'm guessing, The last jedi?

Well it would be boring if everyone was fine with it and I would not say she is against it per say. They're close, close friends, it's natural for being upset. I just figured it suited Applejack the best to react like that. ^^

As for your guess. i'm sorry, nope. But you get points for commenting ;)

The six mares hurried over to her? Don't you mean five mares?

Indeed I did, thanks for catching that. ^^

This is a really good story with passable errors.
The dialogue between Revan and Rainbow made my mind go immediately to the Nar Shadadaa scene from KOTOR 2.

Ding ding ding! Very good, you are indeed correct! When I was thinking to write the dialogue I felt that would fit very nicely. ^^ You earned your bonus points :D

Well played, well played indeed. Now... I must destroy you :pinkiecrazy:

If you destroy me then you will lose a valued reader and gain nothing. is it really worth it?:ajsmug:

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